[WC3] 1.28 Mac Troubleshooting

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We are currently addressing issues with the patch. Please read this message in its entirety before you proceed.

We are working on new installers for the account management page, but here is a direct link to the Mac launcher:


You need to perform a one-time manual step before running the game. After you install the game you must do the following:

1. Create a text file named “roc.w3k” in the root of your Warcraft III installation folder
2. Open the text file and type in your CD Key with no dashes and no new line, it will be 26 bytes on disk – ex 01234567891011121318192021
3. Save the file
4. Repeat the procedure for Frozen Throne (if purchased) and use the file “tft.w3k” instead

Some Mac players are also experiencing error, “Warcraft III was unable to find a CD Key…” This indicates a few possible problems that we are still working to find the root cause of. Here are a few workarounds:

1. First, check the CD Key files described above exist and have accurate keys
2. Try renaming “Warcraft III.app” to “Warcraft III-temp.app” and then back to “Warcraft III.app”
3. Try moving the Warcraft III installation folder to another directory and then move it back to the original location
4. Try rebooting your machine

We are working through these and other problems, but hopefully one of the workarounds gets you playing.


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