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I did some searches and kept getting results from 2011 - 2014

I'm going into my final year of university and wanted to use the games calendar with some sort of push notification system to improve raid organisation as a final project.
After going through the API seems you can get all the data BUT the calendar. This includes Auction Data and Audit data (that seems out of date, was reading the JSON and it was suggesting old belt buckles)
I'm not aware of any active feature development related to this request.
@Aurifex That's unfortunate to hear... Out of curiosity, is there any point to making feature requests in these forums?

In this case your website already has full calendar data available to it. I assume that this means a private API has already been built and tested years and years ago. I'm not sure how hard it is to expose a read only version of the tools you already built to the public API but it would certainly make a whole lot of developers happy around here ;)

Or all those requests for updated news feeds, the app obviously has access to these meaning someone at Blizzard has already built this too, but no word yet as to how to access them or even if we are allowed to access the new feeds as developers :(

Or perhaps the requests I've seen a few times for an endpoint for WQs and Invasions. We all know Blizzard made this API available to their phone app, so the hard work is done (I would think), but it doesn't seem like there is any word yet as to whether or not the 3rd party dev will ever get read only access to these either.

It just seems like you all have little control over what happens here (although maybe I'm totally wrong on that perception) but it feels like it's kind of pointless to ask for any new features going through these forums... But here's to hoping that when you all finish the warcraft website you'll have a bunch of new API endpoints for us to play with and the silence is only because you're working on it and don't have anything to announce yet ;)
@Drenathor I know you are looking for a response directly from a Blizz Blue, but want to provide some feedback and context to encourage you to keep participating. Your feedback is very important for spreading ideas, and getting your fellow developers on the same wagon with you.

I know with the lack of roadmap can be frustrating, but you should absolutely put your feature requests here. We do know they track these internally and I myself try to continually remind them of these pending requests. Although some minor releases, there have been a few APIs that have been released based on feedback, albeit a bit slowly.

As note for why Calendar data is not provided. I can only guess, I have as much knowledge of the current situation as you, but from my past observations I can take a pretty good educated guess. When Calendar data was provided before the major site rewrite in Cataclysm, there was a XML resource that allowed you to pull a calendar feed. During this time there was a transition period for third-party consumers of data sources. A lot of the previous APIs were deconstructed from XML sources and move to JSON equivalents. Part of this process involved a privacy review which committed a few data sources. With Authenticated Data sources on the rise (Twitter, Facebook, ect.) Blizzard took the stance to implemented the OAuth flow to wall off pieces of data.

Blizzard has yet to commit to exposing other primary data sources other than association of some basic BattleTag information and Avatar/Characters for third party site accounts. To expose any more will probably rely on the new Game Data APIs to be released as that seems to be the priority, as stated in that thread. Note that does not mean they will add these new features, but it is my personal hope when that infrastructure is complete they will take a look at our requests again.

I too like to see WQ and Invasion added. There seems to be some technical debt regarding on going development and new released features. Hopefully this smooths out after these new endpoints are complete.

Still back to the primary point, share your ideas. You never know when something can pick up steam. Many developers here will support well thought out, planned, scope sufficient opportunities.
Hello, sorry for that necroposting, but any updates on that subject ? I mean about the Calendar WEB API, in order to plug some bots or reminders out of World of Warcraft
Yeah and connect wow calendar to google/apple canedar.. can be sick !
07/04/2019 01:17 AMPosted by Close0ne
Yeah and connect wow calendar to google/apple canedar.. can be sick !

First, wait for calendar API, then you could integrate those events wherever you want :D

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