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Ok so It's March 9th, 8:45PM Central
And idk what's going on, I have never seen so many patches for this Old game since it came out years ago. Seriously. Anyways, Have an issue where it patches, but when i restart the client to play, it keeps patching over and over and constantly repeating itself.

It is running in Administrator, does the same thing even with anti virus disabled
Trying to patch as well, taking an INCREDIBLY long time to patch. Seriously, this computer can run Witcher 3 and the like no problem but this patch is setting me back several hours. It would be really nice to have a heads up before patches like this so that our LAN parties don't get ruined...
problem did eventually fix itself.
i simply just kept constantly trying to patch it, and it eventually worked
idk what is with all these patches lately for a game this old. i can only see reason for adding windows 10 support, but otherwise as a windows 7 user i have never had any issues with w3, i usually run it in xp sp3 compatability anyways.

was just curious to see if anybody knew what was going on.
when it did finally patch though, managpinches, for me to it was rather slow.
(almost as long as it would take me to re download the client).

u should be able to still do your lan parties without this though as patches only go through i think. Lan parties are local area network? am i wrong?

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