wc3 client chat issues

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ever since these past few patches i'm noticing lately that the chat whisper system seams to be very sporaddic. sometimes i cant send one or 2 whispers to a friend and thats it, done gone can't do it again, they can't even whisper me, i can't whisper anyone? other times i'm having a 2 minute convo and suddenly it just stops.

I would like to point out that i'm not spamming.
but this is brutal. Can't even communicate with my friends now, have to use discord.

the chat channels however seem to work fine.

but half the time i try whispering any online player for that matter it just doesn't do anything. sometimes it works, 95% of the time it doesn't?

anyone fiugre this out?
a mate of mine had this also. after a day it went back to normal. maybe just wait and see.

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