Unable to connect to Game Servers - Port 6112 Error

Hey all,

We wanted to make the information on this issue readily visible as we've noticed a number of topics on the forums for this issue.

05/30/2017 04:30 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell

Players attempting to connect via VPN or cloud hosts like OVH, AWS, or GoogleCloud will encounter 6112 or realm down, because that key has been jailed for 24 hours. This is working as intended.

Classic Games

Please note that Support cannot remove the jailing on CD keys, so your best bet is to wait this out and avoid VPN use while playing the game in the future.

VPN use restrictions are designed to combat exploitative play. We know that a number of you use VPNs/Proxies to play with friends from within in your house. As a result, we've released some fixes which are designed to stop you from needing to use VPNs for this purpose. At this point up to 8 players should be able to access the servers from the same IP. Please visit this thread for more information.

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