D2 cant play (server down/dosent exsist)

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can any1 help me.
i can log in and everything
but i cant create a game, it says server down.
when i try join a game, it says dosent exsist.

any of u who know what this is?
i have had this problem for 3 days now.
stop cheating then
06/27/2017 12:33 PMPosted by Trolololl
stop cheating then

I've been banned on useast for 2 days now. I don't cheat, hack, bot, etc. I don't want to, and I wouldn't know how anyway.
cheat? :D he sure is a troll.
funny thing is, its not the first time i have had this issue.
other times it only lastet some hours or less.
now its 3 days, and since the troll dosent read my message let me repeat! (i can still log in and choose all of my chars!)
this just happened to me, and im pritty sad im stuck outside in the lobby, i just hope this wil help blizzard get more insight on how to adress certain things, and how not to. stuff like this wil Always backfire in ways you wouldnt imagine, all i hope is that this is all used to improve on the game, and its not gonna be left like this for the comming 5 years.

these comments of cheating or botting are getting old real fast tough, realm down banns are nothing new and have been causing sad faces for years to people playing legit, but these latest additions of temp restrictions seems to not be targeting propperly, and it seems ip adresses with multiple accounts are way too likely to be restricted because of this regardless.

i was trying to make a new build and got really undecisive with what i wanted to trade, so ye i made quite a bit of games in a short timespan. but i was pritty sure i left a small margin to spare, but i stil got restricted, after which i found out my brother had been at it aswell earlier that day, so i expect we hit the 100 games max per 12 hours your allowed to create. what i dont understand is why it wont allow me to join games tho. i never seen a bot joining public games to go and bot someone elses game. atleast that way even if the system would make a mistake, it wouldnt hurt legit players too badly.

funny thing is that its me my brother and a third person on the same IP. me and my brother probably got us restricted, while the third person wasnt even here, he's gonna be so happy when he finds out we got him restricted.
People posting all over the forums with the same problem (myself included)

Absolutely ridiculous that this has gone unanswered for 2 weeks.

Blizzard should be ashamed of themselves. If they are not, well I am ashamed of them enough for all.
same exact problem here. 76+ hour ban

it's time to panic
stop cheat?? what the FUUUUUCC** you talking about Trolololl

Just like your name TROLL

what a TROLL idiot.
well its over now. i just stopped try login to my acc for for a few days. dont know when it startet working again but suddenly i dident wanna play for a week and it worked. lol !@#$ty blizz
07/04/2017 02:13 AMPosted by Endugu
It was likely caused by the type of internet connection you use.

Again contradictory to your own words, first you say it is because we violate TOS from battle.net, after you tell us to stop botting, then it's because we don't play the same way you do.

Now? Now it's because your internet connection was wrong.

Clearly indicates you have no idea how the restrictions work.
Their is times you need to delete your registry folders for battle.net to fix it, and the only ban that I heard of was for cd keys that were stolen then sold by vendors and bought from users. Which didn't ban your account only you lost that cd key.

And typically if you are banned you are not going to just sit in the lobby unless they have did some changes since 3 - 4 years ago.

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