Hosting Destiny 2 sets a bad precedent

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I have been concerned with several things lately. Chiefly, Destiny 2 setting a precedent on the Blizzard app. It will be the first non Blizzard title released on the app, as such there should be a large reason for hosting. Currently the reason seems solely to make more money, instead of it being a breakthrough game worthy of being on the Blizzard store.

It's no surprise that many people will buy anything that appears on the blizzard app. The money people at activision/Blizzard know this. I'm afraid this is the largest step Blizzard has ever taken to blatantly siphon money from their community.

In the past, Blizzard titles have been worthy of throwing money at. But Destiny is a FAR cry from a Blizzard title. Right now as we speak, the beta is receiving massive amounts of hate. The original was released with on Disk paid DLC, 3-4 DLCs a year, all nearly costing as much as the original game. Destiny was practically a poster child for everything wrong with AAA gaming today! By hosting and using this title to enrich the Activation branch you are going to permanently damage customer faith in Blizzard products.

This is the start of sub par digital products being sold by Blizzard. This is clearly going to be an issue. As large as Blizzard is, it can't survive a long term lack of confidence in Blizzard quality. As soon as the market believes that Blizzard has become Activision, the name and brand become useless.
Im not sure if I should admit this here, but im growing bored with WoW: Legion, never been a big fan of grinding/multiplayer on SC2 or D3, I actually plan on buying and playing Destiny 2 while waiting for the next expansion simply because its on battlenet.

I agree partially though, don't put cruddy non-blizzard games on your app, it would be trashy and we don't need another DRM.

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