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Hello! So my friend reasently bought overwatch through a code. He already had a blizzard account but he forgot that he had one so he made a new one with the same email. On that secound account he used the code for overwatch and logged out. When he tried to login again using his email he was logged in to his first account where he does not have overwatch. How can he log in to his other account again?

He could not have made a second account with the same email address, it had to be different.

If he needs help figuring out the account names, he'll need to open a support ticket. This isn't something you can do for him as we can only discuss the account with the registered owner.
I have 2 hearthstone accounts on the same battle net (yes it's possible). My first one was on my phone and I tried to transfer data to my laptop but it just made a new account with the same battle net. I uninstalled hearthstone on my phone and then reinstalled it but now it's going to the account I made on my laptop and that's my bad account so I want to but I can't access the account info I had in my phone someone tell me what to do

The only way you can have multiple Hearthstone accounts on the same Blizzard account is if they are in different regions. I glanced at your account, and I do see you have a Hearthstone account in the Americas and in the Asia region.

On PC, you can switch regions with the menu right above the play button on the game Launcher. For Mobile, you need to sign out of the game and then switch regions on the title screen. Then log in to that region.
how do I update my new phone number... when sms code is being sent to old phone number
07/29/2019 03:32 PMPosted by Titanzeo
how do I update my new phone number... when sms code is being sent to old phone number

Please contact support at: and we will help you with this is you are having trouble.

I am locking this thread as it is from 2017.

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