[War III] 2 v 2 Map Pool

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(4)Avalanche LV
  • Swapped the east and west Gold Mine expansions with Goblin Merchant
  • Swapped out the Fountain of Health with Mercenary Camps
  • Removed the lower cliff level to the expansion
  • Removed one layer of destructible rock chunks from the expansion
  • Added an additional green creep camp to each start location

(4)Bridge Too Near LV
  • Changed tileset from Lordaeron Summer to Lordaeron Winter
  • Added Mercenary camp with Goblin Laboratory
  • Balanced the number of trees needed to harvest and reach the center of the map for all start locations

(4)Duskwood LV
  • Replaced Fountain of Health with a Tavern at the center of the map
  • Removed red creep camp from the center of the map
  • Replaced the Gold Mines on the north/south/east/west locations with a Goblin Observatory
  • Replaced the single red creep camp at the north/south/east/west locations with two Orange creep camps - separated by water to separate encounters
  • Added an additional green creep camp for each start location

(4)Frozen Clover LV
  • Replaced center red creep cap with a Tavern
  • Removed cliffs from the player’s base and center of the map; added trees to create lanes
  • Added a third lane to the player’s base
  • Added a 3rd green creep camp per start location

  • This is an original map

(4)Phantom Grove LV
  • Changed tileset from Lordaeron Summer to Lodaeron Fall
  • Added deep water to certain parts of the map to help define expansion
  • Swapped the orange and green expansion creep camps
  • Expanded upon the “creepy” creep theme by using creep from a different tilesest to thematically fit point of interest

(4)River of Souls
  • This is an original map

(4)Tidewater Glades LV
  • Rotated 3 neutral buildings (Goblin Laboratory moved to Mercenary Camp; Mercenary camp moved to Goblin Merchant; Goblin Merchant moved to Goblin Laboratory)
  • Changed the layout to better define intended Gold Mine expansions

(4)Turtle Rock
  • This is an original map

(6)Duststorm LV
  • Swapped out the center expansion Gold Mines with neutral buildings (2 Mercenary Camps; 2 Goblin Merchant camps; 2 Goblin Laboratory).
  • Removed all the neutral buildings from start location plateau
  • Added orange creep camp to the expansion Gold Mines
  • Swapped out the orange creep in the corner for each start location with a green creep camp

(6)Gnoll Wood
  • This is an original map
does this mean theres no twisted meadows, centaur grove, lost temple, etc?

Hopefully we can get new maps like w3a has
Looks interesting (unlike the 1v1 mappool!). Curious to see the changes.

- But indeed, where is TM? It could use some tweaks, but generally its a good and popular map;
- LT is a very popular and classic map. Maybe add a tavern to that map and/or make some adjustments? (It's actually already out there with a tavern);
- Moonglade is a very very bad map.
Yeah what rubs said is pretty on point. LT is always a fun map, both to play and observe even regardless of how people think about it balances. TM is the golden classic that brought many epic matches on any level of play.

Moonglade isn't just terrible, it is even worse. Testing it for competitive play is like hoping steve hawkings will win running hurdles vs serious competitors. I will repeat just as for 1on1 that bridge to near is just a !@#$ty map. You guys leave it everywhere. Guess it is that cousin you have who is 'special'. We'll deal with it by ignoring it whenever we can and accept it for when we can't.

Avalance has potential, although I really feel like it lacks a shop. Every map should at least have one shop. Boots, invuls, scrolls matter to much. No shop means buffing panda and nerfing blade indirectly. I don't know much of the other new maps to be honest so can't really make a prediction on that.
you CANT remove twisted meadows.
this is the best map ever created!
LT and TM must be in a map pool....
Oh btw I totally dislike the added lakes in Phantom Grove LV. It makes the map way less dynamic. And it's basicly a free expansion now for both teams as its very hard to reach for opponents. No need to 'define' the expansion, we all know it's there.
Yea, have to admit those lakes look awkward, and I feel like it makes the middle expos a bit too safe.

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