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(6)Death Rose
  • This is an original map

(6)Duststorm LV
  • Swapped out the center expansion Gold Mines with neutral buildings (2 Mercenary Camps; 2 Goblin Merchant camps; 2 Goblin Laboratory).
  • Removed all the neutral buildings from start location plateau
  • Added orange creep camp to the expansion Gold Mines
  • Swapped out the orange creep in the corner for each start location with a green creep camp

(6)Emerald Shores
  • This is an original map

(6)Monsoon LV
  • Swapped Goblin Merchant with Mercenary Camps (4 Goblin Merchants to 2 Goblin Merchants; 2 Mercenary to 4 Mercenary Camps)
  • Added a 2nd green creep camp to each start location
  • Removed pure Golem creep camps for better player engagement with creep camps
  • Changed to global constant for rain
  • Thickened the grey fog for a heavy fantasy feel for the map

(6)Stranglethorn Vale
  • This is an original map

(6)Thunder Lake LV
  • Added 2 Taverns to the north and south of the lake
  • Swapped Goblin Merchant with all 6 Mercenary Camps
  • Removed the 6 Gold Mine expansions from the center of the map
  • Added 2 Goblin Merchants, 2 Goblin Laboratories, and 2 Marketplaces where the center Gold Mine expansions were
  • Removed double cliff ramp into start location

(8)Battleground LV
  • Swapped neutral buildings around the edge of the map with Gold Mines
  • Swapped the center Gold Mines with Goblin Merchants
  • Swapped the near center Gold mines with Mercenary Camps
  • Replaced the orange creep camp near the players start location with a green creep camp

(8)Deadlock LV
  • Swapped out center Gold Mines with a Marketplace
  • Swapped locations of Goblin Merchants and Mercenary Camps

(8)Mur’gul Oasis LV
  • Removed the Fountain of Mana

(8)Twilight Ruins LV
  • Swapped the Goblin Laboratories with Mercenary Camps at the edges of the map
  • Created three distinct difficulties for the orange camps
Hey Classic Blizzard Team! Thank you for updating WC3 and trying to keep it fresh for all of us!

I am the founder of WC3s FFA Masters League, which is essentially the entire FFA community for the game. We absolutely love the FFA game because of how unique the WC3 gameplay mechanics are in a 4 way setting. Matches are long but extremely strategic, have large-scale battles and there is an element of allegiance and betrayal in matches that are extremely fun to participate in and watch.

With that said, much of the proposed FFA Map changes are largely not great for the scene. While it is nice to see updates to horrible maps like Duststorm, the changes to some of the greatest FFA maps of all time are going to be very unpopular. The Twilight Ruins changes in particular are worrisome.

If it is possible to contact myself or another administrator of the FFA Masters League for suggestions we would be glad to help make the game we love better! We would also love it if some of our most popular community made maps - like Harvest of Sorrow, Fountain of Manipulation and Dragon Island - Could make an appearance into your latest updates.

You can contact us at: FFAMasters.net and me individually at WorpeX@gmail.com.

Thank you and I hope to hear from you soon!
Listen to this man! He is an expert on FFA maps and me and drayen are experts on 4v4 knowledge.
Good lord, fascinating that there are ACTUAL changes happening to FFA maps. Wish this would've happened 5-6 years sooner when there was a much more vibrant scene. What a bummer. But better late than never.

Seems like even search time fixes may be on the horizon, could FFA actually return to ladder someday?

P.S. - Yes please, you all at Blizzard should contact Worpex, you won't regret it.

for FFA to return we will definitely need global matchmaking like SC:R or make everyone play on the same gateway for ladder.
You are probably correct, although FFA ladder was definitely the most fun I've had for this game. So perhaps one can hope. They should definitely hold off any reset until after matchmaking/ELL issue is solved, or else the game will just die completely again.

I still wish they would've tackled the search time problem first, as it's a bigger issue than latency/hacks/maps/etc combined and one of the biggest reasons this game has declined to the state it is now. But I suppose I can't complain since they are making actual substantive changes to a 15+ year old game, I never though for a second that would occur.
Yea, I do agree searchtimes is the biggest issue by far... But at the same time everyone who had a problem with searchtimes most likely left wc3, left for w3a/netease, or are abusing the system by losing on purpose. The rest of the playerbase is just not good enough to feel the searchtime issues.

In my case search issues make the game unplayable for me, I just can't handle smurfing every 20 games.

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