[War III] 3 v 3 Map Pool

General Discussion
(6)Gnoll Wood
  • This is an original map

(6)Hinterland Raid
  • This is an original map

(6)Monsoon LV
  • Swapped Goblin Merchant with Mercenary Camps (4 Goblin Merchants to 2 Goblin Merchants; 2 Mercenary to 4 Mercenary Camps)
  • Added a 2nd green creep camp to each start location
  • Removed pure Golem creep camps for better player engagement with creep camps
  • Changed to global constant for rain
  • Thickened the grey fog for a heavy fantasy feel for the map

(6)River of Souls
  • This is an original map

(6)Ruins of Stratholme
  • This is an original map

(6)Thunder Lake LV
  • Added 2 Taverns to the north and south of the lake
  • Swapped Goblin Merchant with all 6 Mercenary Camps
  • Removed the 6 Gold Mine expansions from the center of the map
  • Added 2 Goblin Merchants, 2 Goblin Laboratories, and 2 Marketplaces where the center Gold Mine expansions were
  • Removed double cliff ramp into start location

  • This is an original map

(6)Upper Kingdom
  • This is an original map

(8)Battleground LV
  • Swapped neutral buildings around the edge of the map with Gold Mines
  • Swapped the center Gold Mines with Goblin Merchant
  • Swapped the near center Gold mines with Mercenary Camps
  • Replaced the orange creep camp near start location with a green creep camp

(8)Mur’gul Oasis LV
  • Removed the Fountain of Mana
Is this change being applied to Arranged Team as well as Random Team? Currently they have separate mappools.
Hopefully these changes will get some more people to play 3v3.
3v3 has always been in the limbo between people who tryhard (like 1v1s and 2v2s) and casual players like 4v4s.
Yea, according to the arranged.team website, 1.28 seems to have dealt a fatal blow to the gametype as theres only 40 games played per day on west and europe. Kalimdor has a bunch of 3v3 rt games being played everyday however.
damn, i want to play 3 vs 3 rt like back in 2002-2007 xDDDD

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