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Hi everyone!

Bring your Blizzard Friends wherever you go with improved messaging, friend suggestions, and presence options. Stay up–to–date with your friends on the go, wherever you are!

Check it out today! - 

Please let us know what you think, we’d love to hear your feedback!
Good start but on the iOS side of thing please can you add actual iPad support? This would be amazing with the iPads split screen mode. Also I agree with some of the other comments I saw on my way to this post, would it now be an idea to merge the authenticator in to the new app?
its nice to see mobile app. U can put blizz auth into this app. I think this is a secret blue plan.
This is fine, but why wasn't this combined into the Authenticator app? Right now, the authenticator app only has one purpose, and this could have easily been an update that added more functionality to one Blizzard app, rather than un-bundling.
Finally this is something I've been waiting for! I know it's just the beginning so more upgrades and newer features are yet to be seen in the future, and hopefully we'll be able to use the Voice Chat function on the mobile app as well! That would let me talk to friends from afar easily! Also, please merge this with the mobile authenticator app.
Love you guys at blizz. I definetly need this app for hearthstone on the go. No remove friends though? I hope its coming soon... In addition, somewhat unrelated, no more adding friends conviently on HS? Have to write down their tag and go to app?
I think the iOS app is great however, I have one question. How do I change the profile picture on the mobile app?
Good morning all! Is there anyway that the app can slide from portrait mode to landscape mode? Love portrait for my iPhone but prefer landscape on the iPad. Right now it seems to only present on portrait on both devices. Thanks!
Hello,i have windows phone. Is possible download this app for Windows Phone?
I'm missing 2 things:
1) The ability to install and use this on Windows Phone.
2) That it have the Authenticator build in as well. As long as you keep the 2 applications seperate, it should be fairly simple to launch the Authenticator from the chat API.
It will be more helpful if we claim our gifts from this app

In the mobile app there is no possibilities to view your sent requests.
In PC it's - Settings -> Friends & Chat -> View Send Friend Requests.
Unfortunately, in account settings on the site there is no any friends list or request settings.

That's why, some players (in hearthstone for example) face the problem of adding friends and sending requests.
The reason is clear - limit of 200 friends (including pending invites).
The game is simply not able to send a request an gives an error (but in this message there is no any explanation that this error because of your friends list. It's just "Game completed and recorded! Please restart Hearthstone to continue".)

Some people don't know that this limit of 200 friends includes also waiting/pending invites but also, there are some who simply have no access to this list because they play only on their phones.

So, for PC users this problem of adding friends is solved quite simply - just go to the settings and delete some invites. But what about mobile users only? As an active member of hearthstone russian technical support what should I reply?

If I understand correctly, the simplest solution for now it's just delete/remove some of your friends, right? Will you add any list management to mobile app in future updates?

Best regards,
bySalamandra ;)
The app is nice. The one thing I miss would be that duration of the current status is shown. Meaning, if one is 3 months offline, I know I might not need him within my friends list. And if sb is online 3 minutes, I will take my chances to start a chat.
Authentificator merged into this one would be nice.
And option to see what games the person plays and general heroe level within profile info might be handy.
Hey guys. I’m using the iOS app on the iPhone 7 running iOS 11.4. There was a update recently and that’s completely messed up the app.

It’s extremely sluggish, messages from the desktop client don’t carry over if you start the chat there, and the app crashes frequently because of how sluggish it is almost as if it’s a memory leak issue of some kind.

I tried reinstalling but to no avail.

Thanks for your time.

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