is causing screen flickering.

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When screen begun to flicker, while I was in heroes of the storm, I thought my PC's video card is broken. Tested few games I have and turns out the issue when screen begins to flicker only appears when I play one of the games, which needs application to run. I don't have such issues with screen flickering in games, which doesn't need to run.

Any solution?

This happens with Blizzard games, which are in, even if is closed. Flickering looks like video card would have issues, but this flickering doesn't happen in other games, which aren't in
Hey there, I'm currently having a problem like this too, it's almost like it's alt/tabbing priority between different windows without them going on top of one another for me. Does that sound similar? I can be in wow and turning camera and it will stop because it's highlighting the other window now etc. No one replied to you and you have no other updates so I was hoping you may have found a solution. Thanks.
Im having the same issue in overwatch my screen will just go dark for 3 seconds and then come back.
Has anyone found a solution. Mine does this unless I play in windowed.
ye i have this too please help
Hello, i have something similar and weird like this.
When ever i hit the BLIZZCON LIVE tab my screen goes bonkers. It's something that looks like static on TV, when you don't receive anything.

First time i thought my video card died, restarted and all was fine. Started battlenet again, went to that tab and again. This time i hit ALT+F4 to close the battlenet window and the static was gone. This is EXTREMELY weird, i don't think i've ever seen anything like this happen to me, or anyone else.

Blizzard, what are you doing guys? O_o
anyone have the solution for this ? i am facing the same issue please HELP!

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