Update Warcraft 2 Please

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So, my subject is pretty self explanatory I think. I want to play Warcraft 2. I've beat Warcraft 3 on hard this past week and now I want to play Warcraft 2 again. Please update it so I can download it. I'm happy to purchase it since I don't want to download and play one of the "free and unsafe" versions I currently have access to online. Please update it.
Yeah please make a Remake or Remastering of Warcraft 2. Would be much more needed than for Warcraft 3.
I disagree with that.

WC3 with real HD, textures and models rework, hotkeys and inventory interface, build-in replays system, modern bnet and something similar to SC2 store is what the scene need and players need ;) Probably some sort of a storytelling from the end of TFT would be also a cool single player addition.

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