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I agree that a 'clear chat' button would be helpful. Sometimes, with friends you have good days and not-so-good days. Days when disagreements occur and things are said that you would rather not 'remember'. Things get better and you reconcile, but you still have that 'day' that you find yourself revisiting. I'd rather have a way to delete and 'get beyond'.
Thank you for your time and consideration.
Add clear chat pls i need this, i have ocd.
I agree, a delete button is very much needed. Please add one.
Was just looking in to this...and I was I just stupid and I cannot find the option in here, anywhere???
And so I went to Google.
For shame, so many posts asking for this feature, giving feedback...Months later, nothing, not even crickets...

I am actually just sorta shocked that a clear chat feature wasn't something by default...

So, yes please do this. Thank you..
agree 100%. please add a delete button.
My chat log is getting to the point that that app crashes or freezes whenever i try to open a conversation. Why did i need a chat log of conversations that happened months ago? I don't.

Please implement a way to clear this, id like to be able to use the mobile app again on my phone.
It is beyond stupid all conversations are stored. Why do this unless you are stealing our information? I have like 7 chat windows that store text and it is bothering me personally.
I have gotten in fights about raiding, reasonable debates I should say and I don't really want to remember stuff like that.
so does BLIZZARD ever read any of their forum posts..HEY WAKE UP.. 14 pages asking for the same thing and not even a whisper???whats up with you guys not obeying privacy laws..your exculpatory clauses??? BS..this needs to be addressed. another perfect way of the example of controlling my PAID for game rules..
02/06/2018 10:49 AMPosted by zadical1653
14 pages asking for the same thing and not even a whisper???

They did respond to the thread (which is rare, there are longer threads here without a reply) but honestly I don't see them prioritising a feature over others they have planned just cause of 14 pages of posts. The amount of users actually requesting a feature like this is probably pretty low, unfortunately.
Пожалуйста Добавьте возможность удаления истории сообщений в чатах !!
Please create the option to clear chat logs. As far as time served on a task goes, pretty sure this is a pretty quick fix to add...
and chat logs are not device/user specific. on my desktop shares logs with my mobile client. i thought perhaps deleting the tag friend and re-adding would magically clear logs. no such luck.

I mean seriously.
We really need this feature, it's highly irritating having the chats saved. Or at least let it be cleared by logging out or closing the window how it used to be.
I need a clear chat feature, this is getting ridiculous.
Get rid of this feature. It is beyond stupid to not be able to clean up our logs.
Another person here wanting a chat cache clear option. Come on it's not hard to implement.

I like all the new battle net stuff but I 100% agree we need a clear chat feature we need to have that type of option in our control.

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