Why is diablo 2 ping worse than... (Perth, Australia)

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Why is diablo 2 ping so much worse for me at my location (Perth, Australia) then other games with servers in similar locations?

My ping constantly fluctuates between 260 and 430 ping (US West) despite being able to to consistently remain less than 200 on NA league of legends server and starcraft 2 server.

Despite geography connection to Asia server is worse because there is no sea cable to asia from aus I think. Can anyone explain why this is or if there is anything I can do to improve ping.
you should play in ASIA or EUROPE to have better ping

did you try it?
Hello fellow Perthian (Im from the hills),

Ping from West Coast Australia (or Australia in general) is always troublesome with the distance to the US data centers. Sadly at this stage there is not much I can offer except for TheBattleTag's suggestion of trying other realms (there are cables from Perth that heads up to Asia).

Other things that could help:
* Used a wired connection
* Enable QOS on your modem (tcp port 4000)
* Disable nagle in windows

Under Sea Cable Map: https://www.submarinecablemap.com/

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