Major Issue with Appear Offline Function

Bug Report
Everything about the Appear Offline function seems to work as intended, but there also seems to be one glaring issue with this function. Lets say I want to play for a short period and appear offline so I don't receive invitations so before I even log in to I select, Appear Offline, then I log in. To anyone who looks, it shows that I am offline, and have been for, lets say, 6 hours. If I sat in the desktop app for an hour without doing anything it would then say I was offline for 7 hours. However, the issue is that if I now log in to Overwatch and start playing, it now shows to everyone that I am still offline, but now I have only been offline for 1 minute and counting. The offline time resets whenever you log into a game. This undermines the effectiveness of the entire function if for example, you are trying to avoid someone and all of a sudden you go from offline for 2 hours to offline for 1 minute. Now they know you are simply appearing offline. This should be fixed. The time should never update unless you appear online again.

TLDR; When appearing offline, the amount of time you have been offline for resets when you start playing a game. Offline for 10 hours. Start Overwatch. Offline for 1 minute. Please fix this!
Thanks for the post. I'm really surprised this hasn't been brought up more often or acknowledged/fixed yet. Kinda defeats the purpose of the function..
Thanks for the info :D
Did they fixed this ?
they need to fix this, its super annoying
Plz to fix Blizz

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