Ladder will reset soon, lets do a team

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Well, ladder will reset soon

then i was thinking i can make a group

but, i want be the leader

1) you will do everything what i say
2) you cant speak until i say you can speak
3) you will play as female character because the leader want see nice azz's
4) you dont deserve any unique item, only me will check them first, and if is nice, i will eq it, if not, it will go to the guild stash, and that guild stash is going to be in many of my alts
5) you cant say a word about my rules
6) you must respect the leader always, and think in the leader always
7) all the gold, must be spent in gamble, to find good rare items for the guild leader
8) you cant use unique items, you are going to use only rare items, the guild leader "ME" must be the highest and powerfull boy of the team
9) all the mercenaries of the members must be from the act 1, only me can hire another, and must not be any man mercenary, then i will hire an act 1 too, the reason is easy, the leader wants a lot of girls in the team
10) you must be WOMAN to be in my guild, and give me are your personal information, and send me some photos EACH DAY, as i deserve for be the leader
11) you are going to love me, and respect me, and always say YES to ewach thing i say

that are the first 11 rules

and i was thinking too in the rule 12

12) you CANT LEAVE


the guild is going to be named

LOD "Lord of Destruction"

cuz my rules are going to be the Destruction Rules



post down here you wanna be my slave forever, then i will think about it, if you can be in this army, or not
why would you even write all this??
i dunno, i just wanted to know if someone wanna be a slave

many people is slave of the tv, the facebook

why dont be slave of me in diablo 2?

maybe i have to read 1984 book to understand how they works

they follow a tv box, but dont want follow me

is weird.

maybe cuz im just a human, i need to be a TV.
Kim, is this you?

Please keep that finger off the Nuke-Buttonz!

PS. Say hi to Dennis from me.
12/06/2017 07:55 PMPosted by TOPCommander
Kim, is this you?

Please keep that finger off the Nuke-Buttonz!

PS. Say hi to Dennis from me.

Im not Kim, im android number 19

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