Blizzard app purchases in wrong currency.

Bug Report
I live in Australia, have only ever lived in Australia and used Australian currency; however, my Blizzard app shows any potential purchase, and even the advertisements (such as the recent Kobolds and Catacombs pre-purchase) in Euro.

This would normally not be an issue; however, purchases in Euro are not equal in value to purchases in AUD (for example, the pre-purchase of KnC is €49.99 - about $80 AUD, whereas it costs $64.99 if purchased in AUD).

I have spoken to Blizzard support who suggest I complete this bug report after I cleared my cache and data in the app (I also reinstalled it), yet continued to encounter the issue.
Can you go into the app, go to the settings and check the language settings of the app to see if it says English UK or English US? Cause the app seems to go off both language and login server for the locale. If it's not that, try logging out and doublecheck that you're logging into the right region.
It is in English US, and the region is Americas.
Weird, there's no reason it should be redirecting you to EU on the app if those are correct :/ You should still be able to purchase things via the browser, at least, since the stores are separate, though not sure what the address is for Canada or if the US one works.
Yeah - Hence I was asked to submit a bug report by a Blizz rep. It's really weird.

I can purchase on web browsers if I manually go to; however, there doesn't appear to be a shop for Aus, and US prices are different (even accounting for exchange rate) to Australian ones. It does give me Aus prices in-game, and that is fine for HS and OW. WoW on the other hand, it is an issue.
Same issue here
I have had the same issues for 2 years now i think, it's darn annoying
I, too, have this issue. US settings all around, but blizzard app displays prices in Euros.

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