Update Agent keeps harassing me!

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For the past 2-3 weeks, the Blizzard Update Agent keeps triggering the Windows security notifications every couple of hours (probably 4-5 times a day), it's bloody annoying :(

Last night, I was in the middle of playing Overwatch and it popped up, minimizing the game and yanking focus. Thankfully, I was respawning so it wasn't a critical moment, but still jarring and REALLY #%@!ING ANNOYING. If it had happened as I was battling on a point, it could have cost us the game (I was playing ranked, and it was a really close match... there was at least one skirmish where I solo-cleared the point the enemy team was trying to cap).

This is the dialog that comes up: https://i.gyazo.com/2cf3cfa6337c85b25fed8797abed4006.png

I tried uninstalling Battle.net but it gave me errors, so I manually purged Battle.net from my entire system (the Battle.net install folder, all Battle.net folders from places like ProgramData and %USERPROFILE%\AppData, and anything referring to "Battle.net" or "Blizzard" in the registry) and reinstalled BNet and all my games... and it's still happening.
Update: Check out Caterpepi's post here. We are currently investigating the cause of this and are requesting log files to help us find the cause.

Hey Anamortus,

The User Access Control window will show up depending on how the Windows User Access Control setting are set. If you do not want the window to show up you would need to change the Windows User Access Control settings.
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I shouldn't have to change that though. My settings have been this way since I installed Win10 when it first came out, and the update agent has only recently started being *this* annoying. Previously it'd pop up maybe once a week, or twice if the Battle.net app itself needed to update too.

Popping up 4-5+ times a day (I've already had to dismiss it twice since my original post) is ludicrous, and asking people to turn down their system security settings to work around this is ludicrous too. I know the apps/games aren't getting updated this frequently, which means there's something wrong with the agent that it feels the need to make calls that trigger the popup this frequently.
I've got the same bug
Got the same UAC popup since 1 week.

I guess the next blizzard response would require some actual "work" and taking responsibilty.
I'm getting the same pop up during the day every few hours. It's annoying and unnecessary.

I also shouldn't have to change my security settings to fix this. It was fine until about a week ago.
it's happening on mac too.
same here....like every 5 minutes.....it causes me to go to desktop. It's caused me to die several times losing my P.O.R...not really annoying, except for the loss of my pools...Is very annoying while in a pub GR.....I've always left user account control on the "default" setting and this has never been an issue....until now..hmmm?
Yup. Same here. Seems to be after the last batch of windows updates.
I'm on Win 7 Ult.
mine started doing this yesterday, window 10
I've had the same issue for about a week now. What really irritates me is that if I do not give permission to allow the update, Blizzard Update IMMEDIATELY requests again. I cannot do anything unless I allow it, which at this point I'm disinclined to do. Most recently I've had to terminate all Blizzard background apps via the task manager to make it stop. This is not okay. Running Windows 10.
Same issue, would love a fix.
I'm having the same issue, took a while to even find this thread. I'm using windows 7 and don't do windows updates so it's something on blizzard's end.
Same here. Started yesterday for me. Running Windows 8.1
Same problem here, getting very annoying...
same thing,started yesterday from nowhere
Same, getting this multiple times per day, interrupts games and takes focus.
CPU: Intel i7 6700k
GPU: nVidia GTX 1080Ti
Storage: OS on SSD, Battle.net and all games on HDD
OS: Windows 10 ver 1709
Same problem. I don't want to disable the notification, just hide it until I'm not busy.

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