Update Agent keeps harassing me!

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This just started happening to me the other day. I am NOT nerfing UAC, leaving my PC more vulnerable to attacks, because you released buggy software.

This needs to be fixed immediately - it's bad enough that it interferes with WoW, but it interferes with EVERYTHING.
12/23/2017 10:05 AMPosted by Vertwolf
assume blizzard are working on a fix.

hopefully they do, but it will be hard on their team, probably they had a lot of vacations planned for these days and having this mess happen just a few days before christmas/new year most likely trashed some vacation plans.
Same problem here (at EU btw), since 2 days now.
12/22/2017 09:13 PMPosted by Caterpepi
I noticed that, Tekno, mentioned that ending the Blizzard Update Agent has helped their issue while they're playing in-game. If you do try this for a bit, please let me know if the issue persists or if it seemed to have worked.

(Windows only) After launching the game, follow these steps! Press CTRL+SHIFT+ESC and a task manager will come up. For those on Windows 10, you may need to click on More Details. Search for Blizzard Update Agent, and End the process.

It's not a fix by any means, but it will hopefully help the UAC popping up while in-game!

I'm on 64-bit Windows 10. When I kill the "Blizzard Update Agent" process, about 10-15 seconds later the UAC window pops up telling me "Blizzard Update Agent" wants to make changes to my computer. Whether I click yes or no, the result is a new copy "Blizzard Update Agent" starts running in the background.

I went through about 10 cycles of killing the process and having it pop back up to see if maybe something would change... nope.

So killing that process doesn't help.
Even ending the process, the Update Agent pops back up moments later. Luckily, I've only had it happen between queue times in games, but it could interfere with a game eventually :/ and with how often it is happening I fear it'll happen soon.
this is bordering on making my entire computer basically useless. Why start any type of competitive game when Blizzard's own software completely screws me over seemingly during the most important times of a match
By now you'd think Blizzard would have rolled back the changes.
Not only does it remove the issue people are having, but it gives them as much time as they need to correct it before pushing to the public again.
If I close the Battle.net launcher after I launch warcraft, I have no Blizzard Update Agent process running in the background and I don't get any kind of popups related to it.

So I think the short-term fix is to just kill the launcher after you go into your game.
I've read this has to do with some new self-signed software cert they recently added.

Blizzard, please fix this. I shouldn't have to lower my security because you are trying out something new.
same !@#$ here :D fix this pls
Same issue on Windows 10 Home x64. Every few hours Blizzard updater prompts me via UAC. I will not disable UAC to fix Blizzard's issue, just like I refused to downgrade my graphics driver last week to fix another one of Blizzard's issues.

Seems to be a pattern forming of their stuff breaking or bugging out and them telling us to go out of our way to perform temporary fixes.
Same problem as people are mentioning. Just started happening last night. Running windows 10 64 bit.
in the same boat here, been happening for three days now
Logged in here just to say that I am also being constantly harassed by Blizzard's Update Agent.
I am also experiencing this issue. For days it has interrupted me in the middle of playing Destiny and causing multiple deaths. My solution was to not use the launcher at all, or launch the game then close the battle.net launcher so it leaves me alone. NOT a good fix as I should not have to do this and it is a very recent thing. Please resolve this.
Same issue, please fix it. Interrupts games that aren't even blizzard.
i tried all the advised solutions. only one did help me, although it is a band aid.

electing to exit the battle.net application on launch of a game made the UAC warning window completely go away.
I'm experiencing the same problem also. Windows 10 64-bit on MS Surface Pro. I click no everytime. I never click yes.
Thank you for the following up with us on trying the end processing step. I completely understand the frustration with the issue as it does impact gameplay.

I'll continue to update when we hear more information about the situation! Thank you all for your patience, please continue to send and provide the Log Goblin files to toolsupport@blizzard.com.
It suddenly has been happening to me since yesterday...very annoying

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