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Bug Report
Got an email about someone trying to log into my account, so I go to my computer and try to log in to battle.net. After entering my password, the site takes me to a authentication screen where it will send you a code via email or sms. No matter which method I chose or how many times I entered the code correctly, even copying and pasting from the email, the site kept saying "wrong code." Shortly after, I received an email about "Password Reset". Not sure if I triggered that through my efforts or if someone is actively trying to hack my account. I decided the best course of action was to click the link and come up with a new password ASAP, guess we'll see if that was effective, but the bottom line here is that, for the last 20 minutes, on this account, blizzard's account verification coding has completely screwed up.
I´m having the same problem on my other account and i have no idea what to do
I think the emails might be delayed so i keep typing in the wrong email but it says the weird text code i wrong too
super confused
I have the same problem!

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