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Bug Report
Hi, I wanted to report a problem that I found in the Desktop APP on windows: when I set the second screen as "Monitor for notifications" on, despite the green writing "Changes saved", this change is never saved and each time it reports the notifications on the main screen.

Hope it can be fixed, thanks
"Me too!"

It seems the problem still exists. The setting seem to remain active until the the app is restarted or the settings page is opened again.
Ello there,

This seems to have been a problem for years now (since 2016 at least, either off and on or maybe even continuously, not sure). Every once in awhile we start a new thread on it. I haven't been able to find any dev/tech support response, but if someone can point me to one I'd be grateful.

I'd like to add that in my case not only does the Secondary monitor selection not stick, it also fails to show toasts on the main screen until I manually change the monitor selection back to Primary. To accomplish this, I have to open notification settings, select the Secondary monitor and wait for it to "save changes", then select the Primary monitor again.

Not sure what's going on here, but considering the number of gamers using dual screen setups it's disappointing and frustrating that this hasn't been fixed.

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