xp in uber trist?

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can you gain xp in uber trist
No, it has been fixed long ago lol
3 bosses actually still give exp, but the g-uber lvling methode you're talking about has been fixed long time ago, like panickfinger said.

the mobs doesn't give anymore exp, well at least the one mephisto is casting, i can't tell about other 2.
Only the 3 bosses do give some experience (arounf 300k each with my paladin level 90), none of the summons give any exp
those were some fun times tho eh
sadly they killed uber runs. I stopped playing after they did it.

The funnest part of the game was being able to make different characters and try them out with different builds. When they took that away and turned it into just another grinding game. D2 was the perfect game till they turned it into nothing but a grind.
you know my best memory of this, was while killing Lilith in the matrons den one of the lancer monsters dropped a Lo rune haha, i will never forget this, its the last place you would expect to find a HR

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