Felt like hitting a bit of nostalgia. Went to Download Diablo 2 from the blizzard page. My Windows Defender is detecting a Trojan virus fromthe link, namely "Fuerboos".

Thought I'd bring it up no I did not allow installation (duh?), and D2:LoD worked fine with no viruses detected. Anyway to get an answer on this? Is windows just being over-protective or is this a real threat?

If you were actually getting the file from us, it's a false positive detection.
wow thank you so much for answering so how can I go about downloading it? is it a settings thing , could you maybe walk me thru it :-/
same exact scenario for me
all set now tried not to be an idiot and got it, thank you
Same problem, Omrakos answered before I could ask lol. Good ole Microsoft blocking COMPLETELY safe content.
Just click on the window that pops up from windows and it will give you an option to allow the file to work anyways.
I'm having the exact same problem but when I click on whatever pops up I don't see an option to allow it. I'm using Windows Defender
its not Microsoft "blocking a safe product". Its an advanced heuristics set up that looks certain types of code associated with Trojans or possible viruses in an attempt to stay ahead of the curve. By doing this the program will eventually flag certain files as a danger.

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