Documentation for OWL api?

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I ran across this the other day, Is this something we have documentation for?

I'm able to figure out a few endpoints on my own.
hah i hadn't heard about this, pretty cool especially if you add /teams to the endpoint. I dont this has been announced at all much less there being any documentation around this yet.
/rankings, /schedule, and /matches also work. :)
Awesome it was there, wish it was using a similar API namespace as the other APIs.
Would be cool if blizzard making a documentation for this :) I have a cool idea for a website which will be using this OWL API.
Their website and app probably use this. It's already done really well.
We need stats for each player and game :) I'm currently building a fantasy league game, just for fun.
Some extra info I dredged up:
(Pulled from:

/rankings - returns current rankings
/schedule - returns current schedule including past matches
/matches - Returns all matches
/match - Returns all matches
/match/:matchID - Returns a specific match
/teams - Returns all teams
/teams/:TeamID - Returns a specific team
/news - Returns all news items
/news/:blogID - Returns a specified news item
/data/countries - Returns list of countries
/v2/email - Unsure what this does, but it was in the js
/live-match - Presumably returns live data for a match?
/v2/streams - Returns owl stream links
/maps - Returns list of maps
/vods - Returns list of vods for prior matches

For some of these you can limit the number of results with size=100
e.g. /matches?size=100
Am I the first person to bring this API up?

If I wanted to use this information for a public use project, is there someone to ask permission from?
You can set max result

like this

Sorry for my english but I learn english
Some that you've missed

Updated to include the live-match, players, and standings and the results limit. Thanks y'all.
/players doesn't seem to be working for me. Is there one where I can get player stats in each game?
I played around a little and found /playoffs. Probably didn't exist before since the seeding didn't start to long ago.
I was able to find two more: /about and /health. They don't give a lot of data to play around with though.
Updated to include /playoffs, /about, and /health

I'll re-dredge soon and see if I can solidify some of this information.
Underneath a Player there's a subset dictionary called 'attributes', then there is key called 'heroes' which contains a list which I think corresponds to mains. I've found a few null entries under this (Jjonak for instance has nothing under his) does anyone have an idea what the source is and by what metric they're measured?

where 'i' is team number and 'j' is player number.
Well, it's a JSON format, but i guess you already knew that. I'm currently using the API to make a program and it is really helpful to use an online JSON editor so you can see the data in more directory kind of structure. I used this site:

It really just is a big object with sub-objects and arrays. Don't know if that makes sense, I'm quite knew to this.

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