Shu-zen missing in mount master list

API Bug Report
The new shop mount - Shu-zen - is missing in the mount api response.

I wonder, if this list is actually maintained manually or is there some kind of release schedule for api content updates? I mean, I'd like to see that the api reflects new ingame items, spells or mounts instantly (or at least with some short delay).

In case of Shu-zen there might just be a small bug somewhere. (For example on wowhead it doesn't have an icon name, just an icon id.)

Thanks, eXo
(of Mount Journal Enhanced)
Hi eXochron,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

You should notice that Shu-zen is now included in the response from the mounts API.

To answer some of your query; we normally try to keep the API data as up to date with the game as possible, but there is sometimes a delay or lag between when data appears in game and when data appears in the API.
That was fast, thanks. :)
I don't want to annoy you, but what about EU and Asia APIs?
Shu-Zen is just available at the US API.

Shu-Zen should be available in all of the regions now :).

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