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Let's talk about some BM changes.
Ofcuz, i'm orc and i can't be 100 objective, but:
I agree that crits of BM were too strong and, what is the most important, unpredictable. Lowering his dmg is really nice balance change, but without that big damage whole your army can do really nothing, and buffing FS doesn't buff dmg that much.
So my point is that orc need a bit more rework then just hero, we can add HH berserker upgraid on tier 2, or just add some range to headhunters, at least give to orc smth that can do dmg and do not give tons xp like wind riders, wich are extremely fragile.
As far as I know damage on the BM is unchanged. It is the item + critical strike damage that has been adjusted to work as it was originally intended. The +6, +9, or +12 claws of attack no longer are included in the initial critical damage calculation. It is just added after the critical strike. So its still really strong.
DH needs nerf too. Im an Orc player im ok with BM nerf but then we need it too.
Could we get clarification on the BM damage change, specifically Agility damage bonus vs item damage bonus? I understand that Claws of attack and other items are not effected by the damage multiplier but what about Circlet of nobility/Slippers of Agility and Boots of Quelthlas?

If a Blademaster got a tome of agility, its damage would go up naturally and would be effected by the multiplier. Do items that grant agility also get this bonus or not?

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