[War III] You're Invited - Warcraft III Invitational!

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How do we get this patch?
Notice how there are no American players in this pool of players lol. Either from Eu or South Korea. In saying this love gruby, subbed to his youtube channel. Go grubs!
jang je ho(moon) where....
Is anyone else getting their download screen stuck at 65%?
I have widescreen monitor my res is 1440x900, before the patch I could have my game fullscreen. Now I cannot. How can I fix this? Also I clicked on profile and I see this lol


**Update it looks fine once i start a game** however if the pic above can get fixed +1
02/21/2018 08:43 PMPosted by Junbisareta
Is anyone else getting their download screen stuck at 65%?
No dled just fine from the site.
I've played WC3 Since RoC came out in 2002......I was never that great....but I was at WCG2004, in San Francisco.....got to see Madfrog up close (took his picture which ended up on a replays site). Insomnia is my favorite still, because human was always my first race. This is some news!! I too hope they do a WC3 remaster!
No chinese talents such as Th000, infi or 120?
Damn just checked in game, I really hope that this is heading towards a full on remaster, GOD I love what you guys did, GREAT job.
I'll be there. I will be watching you.
May I know why there is no actual Chinese player?
TFW you've been long forgotten. :(
Go go Insomnia my boy!
Make a remastered WarCraft 1, 2 and 3, please!
It will complement WoW Classic, for sure.
Oh gosh, this is huge! Keep it going! Back to the roots, back to youth, back to Warcraft!

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