I want blizzard to know the 4v4 map pool on the ptr is perfect

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we got 12 awesome maps, with to ME, gold rush, market square, friends, twilight ruins lv, northshire being the 5 premiere standouts. I LOVE these 5 maps so damn much.

My only criticism of the 12 suggested 4v4 maps, is that mur'gul oasis and battlegrounds should maybe be reverted back. Battleground is really awkward; the middle creeps feel very weak with weak drops relatively. I would suggest making the creeps in the middle a lot harder and giving really good item drops like claws +15 or mask of death or something, not just boots of speed.

Mur'gul oasis without the mana fountain is just plain damn strange. Feels like something else should be in the middle of the map. Maybe put a health and mana fountain both in there? Creep drops should be a buff as well in the middle.

Other than that- I love the 5 like I said, and I love feralas, sanctuary, blasted lands being 3 oldschool returning maps and I like the changes to golems in the mist and deadlock.

You guys should be proud of the 4v4 map pool you got on the PTR. Like I said, possibly the only changes I would want is making battlegrounds and mur'gul oasis a little less awkward with the middle of the map.
What are the maps?

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