Guild bank in API ?

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i would be interested to know if it's possible to pull the guild bank in API ? I would like to store it somewhere to see who contributes, what items, and last but not least how many time a item is stored in here.

It would be then possible to run donation or just clear the bank of stuff that is sitting there since a long time etc...

Is it possible ?

It is currently not possible to get the guild bank items in the API. Something some of us have requested for a long time.

I could also see building a bot usecase where the guild bank could be monitored remotely and auto move items in the bank based on a variety of criteria. Obviously you could not deposit to the bank from an API but you could move items between tabs or even purge stagnant items.
Oh how I wish they would open up the API to include this functionality, even if only the ability to grab transactions and current items.

I really don't want to write an in game addon, which an out of game program then grabs said transactions and passes them to the production server to actually do the processing we want to do in the first place.

This current workaround is very messy in that either trusted people need to login regularly and access the bank to update OR everyone in the guild could run it which then poses a security issue as people could easily modify transactions before they are sent to the server.

Having it as part of the API would cut out all the security and third party useless programming and let us cut straight to focusing on functionality.

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