Warcraft 3 TFT 1.29 Arranged Team Bug

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one day before the release of the wc3 tft patch 1.29 I set my port on my router and was able to invite players for 2 vs 2 parties (Ladder).

After the release of 1.29 it is not possible to invite players for an arranged Team game (Ladder). Custom games works fine. There is also a post on reddit:


where gamers complained about the present problem. I would appreciate a respond of some gamers and for sure from Blizzard.

Thank you very much

For three of us we have the same problems!!

What the !@#$ Blizzard ?
Kinda worrying it's not in the "future patching" list. I hope they at least acknowledge the bug somewhere, somehow. Please help, Pete.
I've encountered this as well. There seem to be some simple workarounds, although not waterproof, that could help kill this problem. Until a new patch solidly fixes this problem.

Having your AT partner in your FL seems essential. So even if you are in a private channel and can invite the person: ensure he is also enlisted in your friend list.

This should work, at least, it did for me and some friends. It might require a relaunch in between games. It ain't perfect, but it works.

Be aware of the maps tough. Some are quite ridged and attack rallied units, scout farms or start off with full mana making creeps a real volatile variable in the games.
Man me and my friends done all instructions to troubleshoot, but still can't. Some of us have static ip's, some doesn't.
We need AT fixed!
AT problems.....
AT unknown error, tried repair and deleting errorlog no success
Please at least acknowledge this is a bug... this should be a priority to fix.
We are also experiencing AT problems... Unknown error all the time. Pls fix this ASAP...
Same Problem here - AT Unknown Error
Same problem here on EU.
Are they patching this?
We know it may take some time to fix, but it’s not mentioned in the new 1.29.1 PTR... blizzard do you know it’s broken?
Yeah come on blizzard. AT not working should be PRIORITY over most of your other issues....
Same here. Could invite + accept invite through AT before the patch and since patch no AT works...come on Blizzard get your brains working a little.

Can't believe this is still an issue a couple of days after patch...not the quality level we expect from Blizzard.
Same for me.... sadly
https://twitter.com/Matt23Morris/status/984493307064500224 Acknowledge on twitter at least.
I have the same problem. After port forwarding I was able to invite friends to Arrange Team last week. Now that the new patch is live they can no longer join my games (error message say it's some kind of firewall issue). Blizzard please fix this!

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