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I am trying to install the Authenticator on my Galaxy Note 8. I swipe through the welcome screens and get to the "Set Up Authenticator" button, but pressing it gives me a quick load and then "Error: An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."

I tried this last night as well as this morning, with the same issue. I've restarted my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the data/cache, and updated my phone. I'm running both Blokada (as a vpn) and the Disconnect Pro app on my phone, but disabling both did not solve the problem so I do not think it is that.

Has anyone else run into this issue?
thats weird I thought it was just me. I am having the exact same issue on a Huawei Mate 10 Pro. uninstalled and reinstalled the app, cleared the cache and made sure it had access to storage in app settings, restarted the phone in between all steps. there must be something up 2 different devices same issue, I smell I bug..... assist us oh great 'Blues'!
as an update i have tried a complete remove and reinstall of the app, setting storage as enabled under apps, restarted the device cleared the cache and also changed my password and done it all again and have also done these steps not only on the hauwei mate 10 pro (brand new phone) running 8.0.0 but also a samsung s7 edge (old phone) running 7.0. with no vpns and no antivirus / malware software that could be blocking connections, so that is now 3 devices and i suspect with 3 different os versions all having issues with authentication services for the blizzard app, its funny I also went over to @blizzardCS on twitter and they have informed me that there isn't any issues.... well this certainly looks like an issue to me,
oh and all other blizzard apps work, hearthstone, the app. definitely looks like an issue with the authentication server or the service that hosts it
Same here, try it on my Huawei P9 lite smart. Same steps: uninstall, reinstall, restart and even try to change laguage and region, nothing worked.

I contacted blizzard support, but they also have no clue what's happenning.

And i played some Diablo 3 after resetting my password twice, but it seems like nothing is working.

Pleas Blizzard, some help our way.
Same here! Samsung Galaxy J7 2017.
Uninstalled, reinstalled etc... permissions etc...
It happens since yesterday.
Blizzard support told me in my ticket to disable antivirus and use 4G network... that's just answer when you don't know what's happening and I understand it (I am working in IT).

Please resolve that issue
if you can tell by the troubleshooting I have done - I too work in IT when are they going to realise that we are intelligent people and provide us with intelligent responses?
Same issue on a Google Pixel XL.

Press "Set Up Authenticator" and you get the "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again later."

Definitely seems to be an issue with multiple Android devices.
I ended up having to remove my authenticator for the time being so that I could play hearthstone on my phone (which works, no problem). Funny enough, I also found out that you can only use a 16 character password for some reason, I'm assuming because its expected to have the authenticator I just removed on your account. Hopefully somebody sees this thread today.
Same error here on my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. I cannot set up the authenticator.
same error with a Xiaomi Mi MIx 2
Same error on Huawei mate 10 lite :/
Same issue, Huawei Mate 9, annoying as I need to set it up because of the 7 day lock out for guild transfer and we are moving in 9 days.
we are racking up numbers here and still no word from any blizz staff, interesting...
Oneplus2 and Pixel C with the same problem... with oneplus 2 I can accept a problems, but Pixel C is an official Google Android device.
Same with Huawei p20 lite. No problems with any other apps.
Same here, Galaxy S8 Plus
Tried everything and didn't work so I think the error is from Blizzard's side
Same error MotoX4
04/07/2018 05:11 PMPosted by PrincessASG
we are racking up numbers here and still no word from any blizz staff, interesting...

They don't generally reply to the bug report forum. But I've seen a couple of threads on the WoW EU forum and a blue said it's being looked into
just had a look its not letting me post on that forum... says i don't have any ingame characters

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