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Hey all!

I wanted to check in and see if anyone is still unable to attach an Authenticator to their account?

We identified an issue that was stopping a small percentage of users from finishing the setup process if they were using software on their network that blocked certain scripts. We have addressed this issue and you should be able to setup an Authenticator on those networks again.

If you are still encountering an issue, please post on the Mobile Bug Report forum with the following information:

  • Issue description
  • Android version
  • Phone manufacturer & model
  • Authenticator version
  • Previous troubleshooting steps
Just tried after not logging in for 7 years, and I got a error, first time using authenticator.

Will post on mobile bug report I guess :p
Glad I found this. I was having this issue. Looks like it was the work firewall blocking it. I connected to my VPN, but I'm guessing shutting off WiFi would have worked as well.

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