Warcraft 3 install stuck at 65%

Technical Support
When I first downloaded setup.exe it was stuck at 0%
- I cancelled it
- I started it again
- stuck at 65%
- cancelling and starting again and I'm still stuck at 65%

There are a few things that can cause an install to stall like that. I have a few steps for you to go through that should get you taken care of.

• First you will want to right click the installer and select run as administrator.

• Try running in compatibility mode
- right click the GAME INSTALLER icon
- select properties
- Go to the compatibility tab and select Windows OS 7 Service pack # 1 (If you are on Windows 10) Windows OS XP if you are on Windows 7 or 8.

Lastly lets close any background programs that can interfere with installation.

Let me know if it continues giving you trouble.

~ Zayssie
Still giving me trouble
It's been going for 2 days now, at 76%
same for me but won't go past 65%
Any update on this? mine is stuck at 99%
Stuck at 65% here too. Trying to update by going ingame instead will just tell me to restart and give me error that warcraft is already running.
Mine is also stuck at 65%

Can we just get a WC 3 remastered like StarCraft got?
Same issue stuck at 99%...
Same. PTR stuck at 65%

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