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i noticed that now, armor values of units can be changed through the trigger editor but not armor type. i suggest that the option of changing armor type is added.
here is a suggestion stop screwing the game up with patches that are ruining things. i remember this time last year their were noticeably more players and active games etc then their is now because 99% of the maps made over the countless years now don't work properly thanks to the recent patches. And why the hell would anyone wanna play with a quarter of their screen? like for god sakes stretching was far better then this crap. thousands of maps that can't be played now. Maybe less then 3000 active players And how many of those are bots? this game is dead.
that is because those maps relied on vulnerabilities but mine does not. my maps therefore still work perfectly. the damage is already done so they might as well add more stuff. another thing they need to do is stop those emulation servers so that players migrate back. i only play retail after all.

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