PSA for legacy team: a slight change maybe for 4v4 LV maps

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This 4v4 map pool is the by far the best we've ever had. It is 99.9% perfect but I think a few slight changes are needed if the legacy team does a quick follow-up patch:

Twilight Ruins LV: I think it would be best if this map was just reverted back to its original state. Drayen is right, the creeps drop too many lower quality items and your inventories get clogged up fast. I also think this map is very OP for human players since they won't have any trouble creeping the expo gold mines with militia while other races will; that extra level 5 creep makes a big deal.

Possibly consider changing back battlegrounds LV to its original state as well, but this may not be a big deal. I actually enjoyed the game I played on it last night. I do think we need a snow map regardless so this map should stay.

That's about it. Perfect 4v4 map pool other than these slight changes.
bump for the team! Hope you read this. Twilight ruins was just a case of if its not broke don't fix it.

I freaking love the other 4v4 maps though so much.
You are a sad sad moron. The LV maps are utter cancerous garbage.
Make new maps instead of #@@*##*#%! classic one's, you sad lazy weaklings :S

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