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Greetings Scouts, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and [ran out of clever; please send recommendations]

Our next iteration for 1.29 is available on PTR.

We'd like to address some recent pain caused by systems that are new to our team. A lot has been lost to time: environments, knowledge, and tools.

The season system is a prime example of something we don't have a testable mirror for. Sometimes we have to tug on a string on live until we find all the points that come untied. We know that causes pain, and we need to better communicate in those instances. To that end we've added a "Coming Soon" section. Those are items we are actively working on in the only environment we can: live.

We appreciate your support as we fall deeper into this rabbit hole. It's an honor.



Bug Fixes
  • Standard/Quick Play maps no longer disappear when patching from 1.28.5 enGB to 1.29.1 enUS
  • Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucket
  • The team game you attempted to join has been found; Arranged Teams working as intended
  • Polish language characters render as Polish again
  • The text cursor reprises its role as conjurer of text
  • Map download progress % over Battle.net has returned
  • /ping command calls forth your need for speed
  • Floating text offset corrected in widescreen
  • Fog and visibility modifiers affect player 13+
  • Visual building upgrades appear for players 13+
  • Unit glow for player 12 is muck colored again
  • Quest logs update via scrolling
  • (2)FloodPlains_LV – Removed water clipping in several locations
  • (8)Ferelas_LV – Reduced aggro range for expansion creeps
  • (8)Twilight Ruins_LV – Level 1 permanent items replaced with tomes in Goblin Laboratories
  • Minimap dead zones in World Editor resurrected
  • Moving special effects using the new natives updates their internal position
  • BlzSetUnitAbilityManaCost no longer affects all units with the chosen ability
  • SetUnitAbilityCooldown no longer affects all units with the chosen ability
  • BlzSetUnitName updates GetUnitName
  • Max clan members and players in channels can actually reach 255…

Known Issues
  • Joining a custom game on Mac will result in a crash
  • SetItemName affects all items of a chosen type
  • Holding left mouse button causes keyboard events to not be registered
  • Cursor does not match the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider
  • In 24 player games, AI buildings may become stuck in construction

Coming Soon
  • Ladder reset
  • Automated tournament map pool updates
  • Mismatches caused by failure to accept invite to Finals
thanks for the updates. really appreciate the weekly small updates over large annual ones

I'm curious about the "Floating text offset corrected in widescreen" because I had an issue with my map where the text would follow around as I scrolled across the map.

All the best,
Thanks for fixing AT and giving us a Ladder Reset soon!

I hope MatchMaking system comes after ♥
Will the statics on the battlenet homepage actually be real ? ^^
Congratulations, after something like 15 years(??) of people consisently playing wc3, you just killed it. This new widescreen thing has turned an ok/good looking game on my 1440p screen into a horrible looking one, and even if you can get over that, many custom games are now unplayable. The player number online has dropped from 40 000 to 12 000

i would have just scoffed at this and moved on to a different game, but much of my childhood has been spent playing this game on LAN parties and over skype when me and my friends are miles apart, this is now impossible, as the custom games are unplayable.

Please just reverse any of the updates that affect custom games, and of course, the widescreen crap.
The Widescreen is good
04/26/2018 07:11 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucket

As a Reign of Chaos player I personally find it boring to be forced to go back to the old balance changes, which have been around for 7 years, and I hope this "bug fix" won't be applied to the live server too. Even if anything is planned to specifically balance RoC in the future, these refreshing changes should be kept until then either way.
@Pete Stillwell

04/26/2018 07:11 PMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Arranged Teams working as intended

So the AT issue has been fixed? We will soon be able to play with our friends again?

Do you have an ETA as to when 1.29.2 will go live?

Thank you for your help!!
Great to see you are keeping the job. The biggest problem are hackers, are you going to ban them? There is no point to play on Battle.net unless you get them down.
It would be good if you guys permanently banned 'illidan' and his cd keys 620-0 solo, and he has beenmaphacking for a long time aka 'Lanka' in the community.
Did anyone test AT on PTR? My updater is stuck at 71%.
Some more known bugs:

BlzSetItemExtendedTooltip cause the map to crash when passed a string that's longer than 100-200 characters. They also just seem to be bugging out in general (e.g item tooltips not being updated properly). These worked in 1.29.0.

BlzSetItemTooltip: color codes don't work with this native. If you view an item in a shop after using this to set its name with a color code, the name will only appear white. It will not be colored. This never worked in any version.
[quote="207610876292"]Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucket

overall, I think the changes were welcome for RoC. curiously, all the balance changes made sense for RoC too, and brought some life back into the metagame. I would strongly advise against reverting it.

please take some time to wonder why in comparison to a lot of whining about many things (such as FHR on D2, or widescreen for WC3), there were no posts and no rage from the RoC community about this. it's because it didn't break our game, it improved it.
Fixing the arranged team problem is good but remember the priorities are :

- a new matchmaking

- a strong anti maphack system

And btw resesting the ladder without change the matchmaking or without implement an anti-maphack system is U S E L E S S .
Are you guys going to address the item collision/pathing issue that has occured since 1.29.1 or not?
I just want to say that this weekend I was working on a custom map for fun, and the 'minimap dead zones' on my computer were really, really bad. The world editor minimap simply could not navigate at all. After fifteen years, and now that I'm a trained software engineer who has coded his own minimaps for his own games, I was raging at my computer this weekend because I could not click on the minimap. I'm incredibly excited to get home tonight and download this update to return to my sanity.

As always, I appreciate your time, and your hard work giving support to people like me who use this 15 year old code.
Thank you Blizzard, Warcraft 3 will regain its past glory at this rate
Thanks Classic Team, these frequent updates are a godsend.

Little things like changing an item to a tome shows that you are really paying attention to suggestions. It's clear that you are attacking simple items and low hanging fruit while also working through the big ticket items.

I'm looking forward to the ladder reset and other improvements!

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