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Hail Warchiefs, Liches, Commanders, and Keepers,

1.29.2 is ready for work.

Specific Changes & Improvements
  • Ladder reset

Bug Fixes
  • Standard/Quick Play maps no longer disappear when patching from 1.28.5 enGB to 1.29.1 enUS
  • Plugged the leak allowing Frozen balance into the Chaos bucket
  • The team game you attempted to join has been found; Arranged Teams working as intended
  • Polish language characters render as Polish again
  • The text cursor reprises its role as conjurer of text
  • Map download progress % over Battle.net has returned
  • /ping command calls forth your need for speed
  • Floating text offset corrected in widescreen
  • Fog and visibility modifiers affect player 13+
  • Visual building upgrades appear for players 13+
  • Unit glow for player 12 is muck colored again
  • Quest logs update via scrolling
  • (2)FloodPlains_LV – Removed water clipping in several locations
  • (8)Ferelas_LV – Reduced aggro range for expansion creeps
  • (8)Twilight Ruins_LV – Level 1 permanent items replaced with tomes in Goblin Laboratories
  • Minimap dead zones in World Editor resurrected
  • Moving special effects using the new natives updates their internal position
  • BlzSetUnitAbilityManaCost no longer affects all units with the chosen ability
  • SetUnitAbilityCooldown no longer affects all units with the chosen ability
  • BlzSetUnitName updates GetUnitName
  • Max clan members and players in channels can actually reach 255…

Known Issues
  • Joining a custom game or loading a save may result in a crash on Mac
  • SetItemName affects all items of a chosen type
  • Holding left mouse button causes keyboard events to not be registered
  • Cursor does not match the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider
  • In 24 player games, AI buildings may become stuck in construction
  • Automated tournament map pool updates will be available Soon™
I can't belive this, thank you so much!!! ♥♥♥

Edit: Dont forget about the MatchMaking system ♥♥♥

Edit: we have 5 users searching 2vs2 RT on USEast and the matchmaking wont make the game. Is there any way to hotfix this error.
Yay thanks Blizz! Is match making on the horizon? We're losing players back to netease and w3arena because people struggle to find games on b.net.

The easiest fix would be putting a maximum of 5 minutes on searching then you just play the next closest ELL also searching.

No one wants to spend 15 minutes in a game then waiting 30 mins for the next one. My wc3 time is spent more on searching than playing!

The level system would be cool to reimplement - it was awesome when rank meant something and high level meant good player
Yay reset. And AT now works?! that is great.
As soon as you fix the mouse i) Holding left mouse button causes keyboard events to not be registered and ii) Cursor does not match the mouse position when resolution is taller than wider, I'll be ready for games again : )

Although I'm unsure how these are left out. These directly influence the capability of people to play the game as intended : (
Thanks!!! Just fix the match making now and we are happy
Please add ping mutes and allow the string text cursor on the game lobby search to individually select a letter with left click again. When will the black spaces on the side of the screens be stretched again for larger monitors (fixed aspect ratio)?

Also, things for future would be reconnecting into games, increasing friends list 25 limit, and please change the new color schemes such as the violet color looking exactly like pink. The teal one has an extremely close counter part as well. They need to be very distinguishable.

Thank you in advance.
I'm now unable to join any custom games, seems like there's only about 5-6 games hosted right now
Thanks, keep up the good work!
Reposting from the PTR thread:

Blizzard, can you please give us your thoughts/comments on the following issues?

- server combinations/mergers
- ability to reconnect if disc out of a game (like on w3arena)
- anti-map hack changes/upgrades
- searchtimes/matchmaking issue
- camera zoom (are we stuck with this zoom forever, or any plans/discussion about allowing the OPTION for the original 1.29 ptr zoom level)
- select more than 12 units at a time
- display opponent race (if not random) somewhere in the UI/menus (modern PC's load the game so fast you often miss the enemy race)
- Display opponent solo/RT stats at the start of the game (like on w3arena)
- for Arranged team, display each team's W-L record on the loading screen
- for Arranged team, if the teams have played before, display the W-L record for all prior matchups of the two teams against each other
- Ability to search for more than one gametype at a time
- Provide more stats on BNET (such as number of users PER SERVER, number of people actively searching solo/AT/RT, number of games started during the previous hour, etc.
- If you are going to keep using a type of ELO system, display ELO in the player's profile. There is no reason not to do this. We need a more reliable indicator of skill since level just indicates time spent grinding, not representative of skill.
- for RT, if you leave within the first five minutes of a game you get a 15 minute time out before you can search for another game. This applies to your cd-key, not your account.

Tournament changes (goal is to get people more interested and invested in the automated tournaments):
- BNET menu option to easily view replays of prior tournament finals. These used to be made available on the tournament website (without any in-game chat). I see no reason why this couldn't be allowed again in a more user friendly fashion.
- More e-credit to winners of tournaments via some mention on the BNET landing page
- Shorten the tournaments: Shorter prelim round and have each round of finals begin 5 minutes after all games for that round are over. We do not need the minimum 30 minute + 5 minute break between rounds. People don't have 7 hours to play a tournament.
- Expand the "search range" for long searches during tournament prelims. What I mean is after enough time allow a 2-0 player to match a 3-0 player, or a 2-0 and a 3-1, etc. Sometimes you get stuck in the void because you get caught in a long game at the tail end of the first 30 minute window. So everyone else is at 2-0 or 3-0 and you're stuck at 1-0 and can't find a game to keep advancing, etc.
- for Team tournaments, please don't cause the team to move into a new window for searching. Everyone can just /whois someone on the team and see that they are searching and then dodge them. You should never be able to tell if someone is searching or not just from being on the game client. If someone is streaming, that's their own problem to deal with.

- Have more than one tournament per day. This would prevent some people from playing in both since the finals/prelims could no doubt overlap, but thats not a reason to not do it. For example, there should be a noon tournament and a 7-8 PM tournament every day.

- Add a FFA tournament once a week.

- This last one is a wild idea but I know it could be made to work ... an RT tournament once a week. Yep, RT. This way you could even have 4v4 tournaments that would get absolutely insane. I would propose that there by NO matchmaking algorithm, or use some modified version of an AMM algorithm that attempts (within very short time window) to set up an even game. Think of this like a wild WWF last man standing type of brawl that anyone can win with some good luck.
Nice update. Now no customs games shown for WC3 at all. Working as intended?
Please revert the changes you did to item collision, it has ruined multiple custom games
Nice, finally!

Still, what I want most is a further delay reduce and anti cheat system. Also it would be cool if those abused accounts would be banned. I am facing huge abuser every day.

Yeah and the problem that you at one point do not find any more game.

Keep on improve the game and make wc3 great again!
amazing been having a blast playing 4s and solo recently. I've always wondered if there's anything that can actual be done about the leavers and bsers or if this is just going to be a part of the experience
Thank you very much blizzard . at work again

NExt step :

- a new matchmaking so its easier to find game

- a good anti maphack system

Keep the good work, you are awesome
Thanks for the patch! Great work guys!
05/03/2018 10:21 AMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Polish language characters render as Polish again

Big thanks for fixing this! Keep up the good work.
Ladder Reset finally after 3 years !!!! Thanks Blizzz WoOoOohOOOO :D !!!

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