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I can't seem to add my friend on I haven't had any problems with it before and we are both on the same region. I looked from recommended friends as we have a mutual friend on but my friend I'm trying to add isn't there. They've also tried adding me and I haven't received a request either.

Any solutions?
How were you able to resolve this?
05/21/2018 09:46 AMPosted by SeptimusNil
How were you able to resolve this?

Could be they really weren't logged into the same region and they meant just geographically (so they thought it'd get the right region by default) or that the friends list of either of them was full.
I have the same problem! anyone has answers to this?
can't add friends!!!!! my friends don't even show up in the friend list
I can't add a friend either. We wanna play Destiny 2 together but it doesn't happen. Neither of us can add each other. We're both in America region.
if i send a friend request nothing pops up to them and the same if they sent to me nothing pops to me
Hello, my friend cant add or get added on battlnet super weird!

Hearthstone closes and restarts (both PC & Android) every time when trying to add friend via "Add Friends > Add a Friend".
In my case the reason was "Sent Friend Requests" list ( tray app > Settings > Friends & Chat) was full of pending requests.
I guess it kept every friend request I've made since I've started playing Hearthstone (first beta :) ).

Solution in my case - manually delete unanswered friend requests in "Sent Friend Requests" list.


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