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Finding games, and fighting hackers, fuk yea!
05/10/2018 08:20 AMPosted by KingThrawn
05/10/2018 12:38 AMPosted by Drayen

Perhaps there is an between that can be reached, something that barely affects search times for the top players but helps make games a bit more fair.

That said, odds are those strong players just made a new account everytime they couldnt find, and you played them all the time already. They were just 0-0 or 3-0 instead of 20-2

This is a very important point that Drayen has been making. To everyone who is upset that they are suddenly facing good players with great records - you were ALREADY playing them a lot more than you realize due to the smurfing issue. It may feel like you are taking a more of a beating than usual for the moment because of the return of higher skilled players from places like w3arena all starting up new accounts, but that will normalize over time.

Lets face it. A lot of people are going to keep getting curb stomped. Always have, always will - under EITHER system. But now at least the good players can stay on one account and not be PENALIZED for being better than average. We all have this game because we like to play it, not stare at a search screen. A game against a player worse than you is better than no game at all.

Completely agree, yet I think adjustment should be done to not turn off new, returning or simply worse players in order to keep at least a certain level of balance. If you meet D3m0nhunt3r666 type of players every second game it's not really fun either. I'm sure there's a good middle ground to be found for everyone. Of course it's a delicate topic but there's no point in either having opponent on your level or completely crushing players way worse than you just for the sake of playing games.
But maybe I'm just thinking way too competitive. In the end it's up to Blizzard. But then again, why have matchmaking at all if you just want people to find games.

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