Unable to remove Call of duty from launcher.

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i consider it a bug that i am unable to remove completely Call of Duty Black ops from the blizzard launcher.

To put it kindly I have no interest and do not want worst titles ever to plague my blizzard launcher Give users possibility to remove Activision garbage from the launcher.
Same here. I don't care if you sell it through the store, but I'd really appreciate the ability to remove the icon from the launcher.
Same. Please <3
Plzerino mucherino.

Or maybe something like "Do not show games that i don't own" or "Do not dhow games that are not installed on my computer" ... You know, like the other Software you want to avoid using this method.
Or, "Do not show Predatory Lootbox games like Cod Blackops or Destiny 2"
I would love the ability to hide games. Even if it was hidden under the options menu of the battle net launcher.
Agree with all of this, we should be able to hide games we don't want to see. I don't care if it is in the shop, but forcing us to look at the garbage everytime we open the launcher is bull...
I completely agree, most true blizzard fans despise Activision and EA. I hate console gaming because they pretty much rule that market. The big problem is Microsoft makes our OS and the Xbox, one day there ain't going to be a difference. These game companies just keep making bad decisions and slowly taking us in the wrong direction. I've gotten so sick of it I hardly even touch games anymore. If there isn't a fix soon to get rid of everything Activision involving blizzard, I will no longer play any Blizzard game. I don't even want to know anymore that Activision owns you all, if you could go ahead and erase that from my memory and never mention it again.

Let's not add to the hate. I don't like those games as well, and I certainly don't like how they moved the game industry, but that's all personnal and offtopic. Let's be real blizzard : This is NOT what we pay you for. I said nothing for destiny, I thought it was only there for a short period, like a new kind of publicity. But now you add another ? And dude, not any. COD. So what does it mean, is it still Blauncher ? Or is it Activision Lancher now ? If you fk it up for the monney, hearthstone might fall appart when it will be the only thing holding people from uninstalling battle launcer. I've personnaly stopped many games I played casually because they had their own fked up launcher with publicity all over.
I too had this weird bug appear on the blizzard launcher. It seems some malicious company has hacked my computer and added their own game on to the launcher i use for blizzard titles. I would be very happy if Blizzard looked in to this and fixed their app.
I had the same bug. I would love to have the functionality to hide games I have no interest in buying or playing.
Please allow us to remove this garbage.

Please allow removal of CoD icon or any appearances thereof from blizzard/activation launcher.

CoD can be compared as the antithesis of Blizzard games. Where blizzard will literally take years, sometimes decades to perfect a game before release, CoD releases a new game every 8 months or so. This allows the CoD franchise to have a much more disposable attitude towards game balance or mechanics, as they can simply fix it in the next game rather than creating a genuinely quality product in the first place. How many CoD titles will we have to have crowding the battle.net launcher before too much time?

I believe the CoD series reflects the type of immature and casual gamer that misrepresents the gaming community as a whole to be nerdraging, impatient, violent and unthinking little psychopaths.

Is this truly a franchise that blizzard wants to associate it's highly polished and thoroughly developed games with?
05/18/2018 02:10 PMPosted by LordFren
Or, "Do not show Predatory Lootbox games like Cod Blackops or Destiny 2"

Hate to break it to you... but all Blizzard games have been tainted. Lootboxes in OW, expensive lootboxes/cardpacks in HS, lootboxes in HotS, SC2 is amazingly free of it still. WoW has gambling in form of time in Legion (Relquinished Tokens providing BiS trinkets over the highest raid content in game for certain classes, Legendaries). WoWs also being shaped to sell more character services. Allied races are a huge money maker, and its a bit scummy that they sold BfA preorders on a new allied race only to later find out it won't be available on release. It will be the first expansion where a new race wasn't available on release.
Please, PLEASE make this an option. It's an insult to a game as legendary as World of Warcraft to share the same screen, let alone the same launcher as a bottom-of-the-barrel franchise like Call of Duty, which is the very embodiment of a once-great game devolving into its antithetical inbred twin.

It literally feels like its very presence in the same launcher will taint World of Warcraft's quality and cause it to suffer the same fate;

- Having the most basic aspects monetized, or made into an inane gamble which seems to plague all aspects of all multiplayer games these days (aka loot boxes).

- Hemorrhaging employees that had been there since day 1, before they ever knew how massively popular the product would be, back when the sales came second to time and effort invested in a product that would convey the passion the team felt about the subject matter.

- Forgoing the above-mentioned passionate, but less expedient workers in favor of hivemind randos who don't care about the end product, they're just performing an assigned task and won't go (pun unintended) above and beyond the call of duty by adding those small details and extra efforts that only real fans would care to notice.

Wow, I got.. really off track there-- though if a dev reads this, take it as a point of pride that I still have this kind of faith invested in Blizzard that they won't destroy the game I grew up with, World of Warcraft.

I mean i'm not ENTIRELY off-track here, just look at the unbelievable dedication and passion the World of Warcraft community shows for the lore, the characters, the attention to detail, easter eggs, secrets-- even major mishaps like the Corrupted Blood Incident are something of legends among fans.

They're the antithesis of the Call of Duty fanbase as it stands now, which consists of either pre-pubescent socially inept millennials, or 20/30-something youtube/twitch livestreamer facecam douchenozzels (you know the kind, the ones that say "smash that like button" or who do "giveaways" unironically) who are probably the reason the former exists.

There, I feel a lot better now-- though i'd feel a lot-lot better if I could hide Activision on the Blizz Launcher ;D.

((inb4 joke about my hatred for Call of Duty stemming from it committing a personal offense against me))
I too would like to throw my support behind this.
Please let us hide games we don't own/want to see.
I have too many games already. They pull this crap, I don't play WoW (which I pay monthly for when I play), or any of the other games I have. I haven't played Destiny2's latest DLC because this popped up in the launcher.

You get too greedy, I go elsewhere. I have absolutely too many games to play to forgive this nonsense. Seeya later Blizz and Activision. Between this crap and Origin's horrible launcher, I just stick to Steam and the Switch.

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