Unable to remove Call of duty from launcher.

Bug Report
Same here.
please just do this for us blizzard we beg of you
It would be nice to not have my screen cluttered with games I have zero interest in purchasing nor playing. This form of obtrusive advertisement is counterproductive.
I have no interest in buying that cancer let alone having it grace my sight every time I open up the app. Count me in for having the option to remove it.
This post can be closed. Activision lobby will never allow to hide games they want to sell.
That's why there is no official answer from blizzard here yet, they will never tell to a community :"no, they paid us x$, so we keep it in our launcher"

Money is better than a community when you got enough donation ( or people buying your product )

Maybe we should all stop using our time with blizzard as blizzard stop used his time with community to focus on marketing.

They're using all their times in unecessary functionnality and tools to attract, but not keep people :

- HO ! they're is a new vocal app and it works pretty well ?
> blizzard and steam renew the interface 3month after. They never modified it in years.
- We should do it with streaming ! Ho, already done ? never heard of it, why ? very strange.

- Hey look ! You can access "Overwatch League" from anywhere, next to news, shop etc...
> hum ok. but why ?

- Hey look ! A profil picture !
> Can we rename ?
- "For the 2nd time ? 10€ please. It's a very delicate operation which require to associate an unique ID with a name. Our database ingeneers said it would take 1 hours of works for each name, which explain the price."

- Now, if you right click on the blizzard icon taskbar, you can launch directly a game !
> Cool ! but why there is blackops always in first ? i never open it.

But eh. That's the system. Win enough money to bypass it, or leave it.
This proves that Blizzard DOESN'T listen to their players.

It was bad enough when they decided to force subpar streamers on us through the launcher but now i have to see the HIV of the gaming industry plus a number of titles that i do not own and have no intention of buying.
The stupid thing is glowing again. How do I kill it? Also how do I remove the ad for it when looking at WoW?
Stuff like this irritates me to no end and really ruins the gaming experience for me.

You want to peddle your garbage games to me and even try to force me to interact with them to stop the icons from blinking?

I have cancelled my subscription!

If you don't realize how disrespectful something like this is, then I spend my money elsewhere.
I am also a victim of this bug.
Blizzard can you fix this please? let Wow players have a Wow only launcher at least. There is no reason for me to see gunk at the bottom of my game list.
I want to have my name on this list, let us choose what we want to see, thanks
Couldn't agree more. Virtually every other launcher out there let's you show only the games you own. Origin, uPlay, Steam, GOG, hell even Twitch launcher.

A bit disgusting that you force this onto your player base Blizzard.
It was blinking, I would also like to have the option to hide games from Battle net we don't own, it's cause we don't want it, ever.
So yeah, 6 lvl 120's later and HUNDREDS of USD, !@#$ this game, %^-* this app/launcher AND !@#$ CALL OF %^-*ING CANCER DUTY.

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