Unusual "disconnects" - someone else is lagging but I drop

This is something that at least one other player I know has experienced and we're wondering if it might be a bnet issue.

What happens is that we'll be playing a game and then suddenly we see someone else lagging. Once the 45 seconds is up, we click 'drop player.' However, instead of that player dropping, instantly we get disconnected with our graphics having a weird stretched textures.

My friend took some screenshots of it below that has happened in different games-



For him he's experienced it in 4v4 RT, and for me I've only had it happen in a few big 24 player custom FFA games. Both of us experienced the exact same thing - see someone else lag, click drop, then we disconnect instantly and get weird stretched textures.
This now just happened to me in an official bnet game. This is getting absurd. It's frustrating enough to have it happen in custom games (already had it happen two additional times in the past few days) and now I've lost yet another game.

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