D2 Ladder Reset - Server Maintenance (6.15.2018)

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Hey all,

Just a quick note: the Diablo II servers will be offline for the ladder reset starting at 3 p.m. PST. We expect them to up again at about 5 p.m. PST. As with all maintenance periods, please note this is approximate and that the end time may shift.

Thanks for your patience and we'll see you in the new ladder season soon!

UPDATE (6.15 @ 5:02 pm PDT): Maintenance is complete and the new season is live.

- Diablo Community Team
im so excited
Positive vibes.
i have all my faith in you clasic team, keep up the good work
An announced two hour down time prior to reset. Bye bye Skiddies.
Thank you for the info - being left in the dark does not feel good.
Please Ninja patch Ban Hammer Some Bots so we can have a Legit play for 2 weeks at least :S
Patch or No?
Prepare coffee
thanks good job keep going :D
I hunger.
and 5 pm pst goes offline again for reset??
Yeeee~ good luck in next ladder everyone
Can we expect a Server and/or Client Patch today?
Merc them bots!
well good they will be up at 8ish
curious though, if they do patch stuff that could ruin the game more before reset.
Good luck people! Hope to see some of you in the new season.
06/15/2018 03:15 PMPosted by SuMori
and 5 pm pst goes offline again for reset??

5 is the UPTIME.


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