voice chat rip?

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I am having issues. I can invite someone to voice chat, but the voice chat isn't allowing me to speak or hear. I double checked settings to ensure the proper device was recognized and the head set still works in other programs. Dont know why its not recognizing for voice chat. I can even hear sounds in game still.
Same here No new update to Battle Net app yet (Europe Region). Voice chat still grayed out
Sorry Patch 1.12.1 Build 10252 - But it is still grayed out
06/30/2018 08:16 AMPosted by TheMaxx013
Sorry Patch 1.12.1 Build 10252 - But it is still grayed out
Apologies - It is working now
Well it is not working here. Have been in contakt with an GM and they only told me to wait, and that blizzard are working to solve the problem. ;(
Still grayed out for me too.
I have same problem, just happened today, cant hear any1 cant talk to anyone, ingame sound works ok, wtf blizz?
same issue cant hear i can see speaker icon working but no sound
just faced the grey voice chat labels yesterday and it still not working ... could call others but specific ones... please do something
Still Not working for me, and in the settings the voice is weird, when i test the micro it sounds like a doble micro, i recorded myself on windows recorder and is very clear, i test it on the app and it gets horrible, like is taking 2 signals at once
Voice chat is still greyed out , it worked fine in the past and suddenly stopped working , i did use it alot
VC was broken for me last night, i received an error message stating that "voice chat service was unavailable"

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