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Hi there,

I'm having a problem with streaming World of warcraft since yesterday. I did streaming fine for past 7 months but since yesterday it's been messing up. I did every step I was suggested by filing ticket but it didn't help so I was suggested to report it here.
So, when I click the streaming option in, there are two ways of streaming. 1. is Stream directly to my facebook timeline and 2. is to stream it on my facebook page. I use the step 2.
But since yesterday I can stream via option 1 only. It wont allow me to stream on my facebook gamepage. It shows option allow game access, I click it, it takes me to the part where I allow blizzard web access on my facebook, and then nothing happens.
An early solution would be a great help, thank you^^
I'm having this same issue and I didn't see anyone else posting so I thought it was me :(
I, too, am having this problem.
Still not working :( Was gonna stream the new patch tomorrow- hoping it works tomorrow :(
Yea happening here too, can stream to my personal page but not a page I manage.
Same here
Same problem here (France).
Help me, uncle Jeff. You're my only hope.
Still won't let me. Hoping tomorrow's maintenance fixes it :/
Opened a ticket on it today, and they sent me here. Was told by GM that it is an issue they are looking into.
Not fixed with today's maintenance :(
Also having this issue. Had filed a ticket. They attempted some steps, but couldn't figure it out. Just basically told me to stream to my personal page instead >:|

Hope they can get this fixed soon
I am having the same issue, and it is not game specific. I have tried disconnecting my Facebook account in my blizz settings, and even removed all apps from my facebook account, and the gone through the reconnect process. Each time I have had the same issue; I can stream from my personal account but not a page I manage. When I attempt to connect to my pages, I am routed through the process of connecting, get the green circle and check-mark, but no change. It just loops. GM advised me to submit a bug report and directed me to this tread.
I have the same problem, I can not transmit on facebook with the battlenet app, it does not detect the open game u.u
Working for me this morning finally. I did nothing different. Anyone else?
I want to post my videos too, How come some people can and some can not?
What is the app or program you add to facebook. Can we look it up and just add it and enable streaming?

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