Character mount list is periodically missing

API Bug Report
There are missing data in character's mounts list API endpoint. From time to time, random characters across all 4 regions receive empty mount list, with 0 collected and 0 not collected mounts. Sometimes it takes dozen of minutes to receive correct data of player character.
Problem occur since patch 8.0.1.
Example JSON:
"lastModified": 1532503963000,
"name": "Eridor",
"realm": "Burning Legion",
"battlegroup": "Cruelty / Crueldad",
"class": 5,
"race": 10,
"gender": 0,
"level": 110,
"achievementPoints": 24695,
"thumbnail": "burning-legion/80/120384336-avatar.jpg",
"calcClass": "X",
"faction": 1,
"mounts": {
"numCollected": 0,
"numNotCollected": 0,
"collected": []
"totalHonorableKills": 12676

I realise that we are freshly after patch release, but maybe you will find this info useful.

I test it again today - for 250 queries, over 50 are missing
I am seeing this as well. Any ETA on a fix?
And just as an update, if you hit the same character again a few minutes later the mount list (usually) appears.

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