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Greetings Raiders, Tinkerers, Harbingers, and Wardens,

Based on gameplay analysis and feedback, we've got some updates to balance for the PTR. Thanks for doing your part in this grand adventure.

Bug Fixes
  • Issuing a build command with other actions queued no longer purges the command queue
  • 24 player games with AI no longer causes starting locations to be merged
  • The glaive thrower damage buff in 1.30 is now applied to the Vorpal Blades upgrade
  • [Mac] Units display ground shadows again
  • Halls of the Dead and Black Citadel gold cost corrected
  • Multiboard minimize icon location is correctly located
  • Defend consistently reflects damage from piercing attacks again – see Appendix

Known Issues
  • Some community maps are missing from the pool, "Fish out of water!"
  • To help visualize and solve mouse cursor lag we have added oscursor to registry that draws the operating system arrow cursor – see Appendix

Hero Balance Changes

Mountain King
Storm Bolt
  • Level 2 damage reduced from 210 to 200
  • Level 3 damage reduced from 325 to 310

Thunder Clap
  • Damage reduced from 65 to 60
  • Damage reduced from 125 to 115
  • Damage reduced from 175 to 160

Far Seer
Far Sight
  • Cooldown for all levels is now 30 seconds
  • Level 1 radius increased from 600 to 900

Pit Lord
Base Stats
  • Increased starting agility from 14 to 15

Cleaving Attack
  • Increased AoE for all levels from 200 to 250
  • Level 1: Increased splash damage from 30% to 40%
  • Level 2: Increased splash damage from 55% to 65%
  • Level 3: Increased splash damage from 80% to 90%

Goblin Tinker
Cluster Rockets
  • Level 2: Increase base damage from 18.75 to 19.75
  • Level 3: Increase base damage from 27.5 to 30.5

Human Balance Changes

Base Stats
  • Decreased attack cooldown from 1.5 to 1.35

Cannon Tower
Tech Tree
  • Fragmentation Shards applies


  • Damage reduction increased from 40% to 50%
  • Reflection damage increased from 90% to 100%

Fragmentation Shards
Tech Tree
  • Now applies to Cannon Tower

Base Stats
  • Increased base damage 12 to 14 (13-14 damage to 15-16 damage)
  • Research button location relocated to (2,1)

Orc Balance Changes

  • Increased gold cost from 135 to 140

Base Stats
  • Increased range from 450 to 550

  • Mana cost decreased from 40 to 35
  • Increased mana regeneration from 0.67 to 0.72

Witch Doctor
Base Stats
  • Increased mana regeneration from 0.67 to 0.72

Spirit Lodge
  • Reduced lumber cost from 150 to 135


Orb of Lightning
  • Decreased chance to purge from 35% to 30%


Base Stats
  • Reduced duration for units from 12 seconds to 10 seconds
  • Reduced cooldown from 16 seconds to 15 seconds

Reinforced Defenses
Base Stats
  • Reduced from 200 to 175 lumber
  • Increased gold cost from 50 to 75

Tech Tree
  • Requires War Mill

Spiked Barricades
  • Level 2: Reduced from 175 to 100 lumber
  • Level 3: Reduced from 275 to 125 lumber

Undead Balance Changes

Base Stats
  • Increased base damage from 7 to 9 (8-9 damage to 10-11 damage)

Skeletal Longevity
Tech Tree
  • Removed upgrade – included in Skeletal Mastery

Skeletal Mastery
  • Increased gold cost from 125 to 200
  • Increased lumber cost from 150 to 175

Tech Tree
  • Now includes Skeletal Longevity
  • Research button location relocated to (0,1)[/li]


Book of the Dead
  • Changed number of Skeleton Warriors and Skeleton Archers from 4 each to 3 each
  • Changed HP of Skeleton Warrior and Skeleton Archer from 180 to 190

Night Elf Balance Changes

base Stats
  • Increase base damage from 15 to 16 (16-18 damage to 17-19)

Tech Tree
  • Sentinel has a 180 second duration

Mountain Giant
  • Now activates a second time after 3 seconds
  • Cooldown increased from 15 to 16 seconds

Neutral Balance Changes

  • Ensnare (Neutral Hostile) - Reduced unit duration from 10 seconds to 8 seconds; hero duration from 5 seconds to 3 seconds; increased cooldown from 10 seconds to 15 seconds
  • • Ensnare (Naga) - Reduced unit duration from 15 seconds to 8 seconds; hero duration from 12 seconds to 3 seconds; increased cooldown from 12 seconds to 15 seconds

  • Creep cannibalize changed from 10hps to 12hps
  • Duration reduced from 33 to 20


Boots of Speed
  • Now have a stock of 2 at game start

Map Updates

  • Revised based on community comments but not yet added to 1v1 pool

  • Red Dragons replaced with Granite Golems to prevent base harass (Thanks Ugrilainen)


The immune field was calculated twice:
  • 30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
  • 21%: Immune Damage: Immune Damage
  • if not
  • 49%: Take 50% Damage

  • 30%: Reflection : Immune Damage + Reflect Damage
  • 70%: Take 50% Damage

Mouse Lag
When submitting reports of mouse lag please include a video and system specs. To do so, follow these steps:
  • Run regedit
  • Blizzard entertainment -> warcraft iii -> Video -> Right-click -> New DWORD 32 bit value
  • Value name -> oscursor
  • Set to 1
race human rip =(
07/31/2018 09:58 AMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Reinforced Defenses
Base Stats

Reduced from 200 to 175 lumber
Increased gold cost from 50 to 75

It's not April 1st is it?
What the actual !@#$, seriously? What's the plan?
more buffs to the already broken 0 skill orc and still no nerfs to windwalk which is what makes bm OP, especially with the 99% maphacker playerbase on bnet in 2018. pack it up boys. inb4 thumbs down from blizzard apologists

and as predicted the orc playing dog sh!t newbs thumbs down my post lmao. DONT NERF MY BLADEMASTER PLEASE I WONT BE ABLE TO WIN !!!
Why more nerfs to MK? What did he ever do to anybody?

I expected to see human orb splash radius buffed or gold cost reduced ... such a horrible orb compared to the other races.
07/31/2018 10:37 AMPosted by ZeaLOtrUs
race human rip =(

slight mk nerf, significant rifleman buff and rip????
07/31/2018 10:52 AMPosted by Quentin
07/31/2018 09:58 AMPosted by Pete Stilwell
Reinforced Defenses
Base Stats

Reduced from 200 to 175 lumber
Increased gold cost from 50 to 75

It's not April 1st is it?
What the actual !@#$, seriously? What's the plan?

why the f is everyone crying here. they did miniscule change that couldnt be any smaller and you are wetting pants.
Here's my 2 cents:

Stormbolt nerf
I'm a bit curious why this ability needed another nerf. While I always thought it was strong, I never saw anyone complain about it. We are now at -25/-40 damage from pre-classic team nerfs.

All buffs welcome, but I feel like this ability won't be picked up much unless it comes with perhaps a passive stat boost and maybe another Chain Lightning buff, then I could see someone use Farseer 2nd with CL/Farsight maybe.

Pit Lord
Nice to finally see a buff, sounds like Cleave will be quite a bit better. I kinda wish that kind of splash was added to the orb of fire too! Not sure it is quite enough of a buff, but we'll see. I still love my idea of lowering rain of fire damage and making it non-channeled :P

I always felt like rifleman buffs were absolutely needed, this is great. Alongside with the headhunter buff however, I realized they had the smallest range, which I thought belonged to headhunters... Maybe that's fine? I'd love to see a cost reduction for their range upgrade at least. Riflemen are so easy to pick apart, they lack the support that undead gives their fiends, they can't even compare.

At any rate, i'm glad for a buff to them. I always felt like human's typical army composition of mass caters was out of place, they are supposed to be a support unit, yet they are also the main damage source for some reason..

Buffs are looking solid, let's hope we can see them in solo. I'm a bit worried about how team games might turn out at this point since HH are actually wildly used in 2v2 in a typical potm/tc hunt/hh, but I'm willing to wait and see... Perhaps it's just auras that need a nerf in general in teamgames?

Merge of skeletal longevity into mastery is nice. I think merging them with adept/master upgrades would've been better but this is good too.

Mountain Giant
This taunt change is definitely interesting, makes it a little harder to counter, I like it!

Orb of Fire
Like I mentionned in the pitlord buff, it would be nice if the orb of fire got a splash radius upgrade similar to cleave. 150 is rather small, it struggles to even hit more than 1 air unit next to eachother.

Orc Caster buff
Nice to see some caster buffs, i think the issues lies more with their spells however. Why get purge when you can have ensnare? Lightning shield is a bit awkward. Sentry ward is nice but doesn't give any battle power, stasis ward is really strong... if it goes off, which sounds tricky to balance. Bloodlust and heal wards are both marvelous however. Compare their early spells to the likes of faerie fire/slow/roar/curse... It'd make more sense if bloodlust was the initial spell (nerfed of course) and that perhaps lightning shield was the master upgrade spell that did a lot more damage and didnt hurt ally units, but I understand that'd be a massive change.

Bat Riders
I might sound annoying since I talk about this, but i still believe the massive damage buff they got in 1.30 needs to be reverted. Bat rider laming needs to be discouraged, not buffed, it will bring nothing positive for wc3 except more frustration, if anything i'd make their damage type piercing and leave liquid fire as it was pre-1.29. Bats are already so powerful, nobody bothers making light air vs orc because they know it's useless, it's probably why you never see bats in the first place.

After talking with others, this change is a buff to ensnare, which is probably not the intended effect. The last 2 seconds probably won't matter too much in general, but the fact ensnare is available more often is a decent buff since it can be used repeatedly., especially vs heroes, who saw 0 reduction in how long ensnare affects them. Consider removing the CD reduction... To be honest I find most of the buff/nerf combo changes you make a bit odd sometimes, with perhaps the exception of the gyrocopter change.

War mill not required for tauren totem
This change wasn't in the patch notes, but the war mill is no longer required for the tauren totem. This patch has shaken the meta up quite a bit, but with the warmill not being required and fort defenses being a tier 2 upgrade... Orc lost one of their big weaknesses, their meta didnt get affected beyond -2agi to blademaster, and all other meta strategies have been nerfed. I wouldn't be surprised if orc reigned supreme in 1.30 as is.

Boots of Speed
Having the item absolutely required feels weird to me, perhaps the item shouldn't be available in the shop at all or be nerfed instead?

That said, someone pointed out there are 2 boots of speed available at the beginning of the game, meaning as soon as you make a hero you can buy a pair.. or two. This ought to affect the early game quite a lot, especially in favor of the blademaster who can avoid getting hit by creeps.
Patch notes were a bit light... updated to include all the things.
Thanks that you put so much work and thought into this great game.
It breaks my heart that you removed Twisted Meadows from the 2vs2 mappool. Otherwise im happy.
Witch Doctor
Base Stats
Increased mana regeneration from 0.67 to 0.72

Oh my god! They touched witch doctors! <3
Thanks for actively trying to balance the game.

I suggest you do something about the Farsight spell, because people are never going to pick it if it only gives vision. Maybe try to add a buff to units in the area that's being "far sighted", or give a temporary negative attribute to enemies. Somehow figure out a way that makes sense both lorewise and makes it justifiable to pick it as a spell.

Glad to see riflemen finally buffed, hope it's enough to make up for all the other human nerfs in these two PTR patches, but I doubt it. Cool to also see the cannon tower finally getting some attention, definitely gonna test it.

In general though, based on these two patches I'm really scared at how powerful Orc will become. You're removing its major weakness (burrow harrass), and buffing all its underused units while only giving slight nerf to their OP stuff like Blademaster and raiders.
Nice, was wondering when we would get the new ptr :D


Btw guys I'm sure you guys also read hive but I was just posting this here too because it's a big issue for community map makers and hope that you guys manage to actually do this.

There was as most of you probably already know an old editor which is still the best in terms of content called Jass New Gen Pack which right now does not work for the newer versions.

I have an older install of wc3 in my computer just for the sole reason of updating big maps that I made, the issue here is that you guys added a ton of new content that I cannot implement into my maps because of it being limited to 1.27.

features such as:
999 food
24 players
and new jass functions.

It'd be really amazing if you guys removed the limit for doodads/objects or at least set it to the limit that JNGP had.

For tiles:
Allow us to have this window or something similar:

not just that but, it also allows actual 16 tiles, current world editor even with sharpcraft (mindworkx) allows only for like 12 tiles instead of 16 (I believe DrSuperGood pointed this out when you guys increased the tiles).

Another feature that is highly requested is custom pathing for tiles, JNGP allowed us to select a tile that we wanted and make it so that if we want it, we can set it to "non walkable" "non flyable", etc.

Why does this matter? well because doing cliffs with this technique makes maps more stylish/better to the eyes, it's faster for big maps and while we can do it right now by placing custom pathing blockers, it:

1)Takes up space in the doodad limit that the game currently has

2)takes way too much time placing individual pathing blockers everywhere on 512x512 maps or such (And I suppose causes fps decrease)

Those changes are the ones that are needed the most to be implemented into the world editor so that we can load and edit big maps (all of the big maps utilize these features and lacking these makes it so that we simply cannot use the world editor).

Other features that would be great but are mostly quality of life (QoL):
Ability to create custom folders for races in the object editor.
custom folders for imports
ability to copy/paste all of the imports (files) with their respective paths already set and import them into a new map
(I'd imagine it'd be some kind of code kinda like Hearthstone deck codes), or in-memory.
Ability to move units by dragging them around from folder to folder and that changes its race automatically.

Please consider this for the future guys, as I really want to release content for the game but I simply cannot because of the reasons stated above, the quality of life features aren't really that important, but the limit/tile things are, they don't let us edit our maps in the game
[quote="207652781781] Ensnare
Nice to see a nerf, as small as it is, this ability was definitely too long in duration. Don't know if it really needed a cooldown reduction[/quote]

Actualy this is more like a buff...if the bm slice a unit in 5 sec it doesnt matter if 12 or 10sec.
Why is Blizzard trying so hard to move this game to an expansion based playstyle? After this patch every human, elf and orc will be best of towering up at t1, spam tier 1 units and expand. In the meanwhile they are also attempting to make undead build expansions which at this point may actually start happening seeing how cheap their expansions are going to be.

May as well be playing SC2
07/31/2018 11:46 AMPosted by FumiT
[quote="207652781781] Ensnare
Nice to see a nerf, as small as it is, this ability was definitely too long in duration. Don't know if it really needed a cooldown reduction

Actualy this is more like a buff...if the bm slice a unit in 5 sec it doesnt matter if 12 or 10sec.[/quote]

Its a nerf. Uptime of ensnare will be lower.
I think having two boots at start of the game is really bad. It make no sense. I get having 2 at the time its night, but two at start gonna make for some very bad early game vs heroes like DH and BM
07/31/2018 12:06 PMPosted by Skutt
I think having two boots at start of the game is really bad. It make no sense. I get having 2 at the time its night, but two at start gonna make for some very bad early game vs heroes like DH and BM

That's not how it works, imagine this for example:
DH/BM gets the boots first, what are YOU going to do with a slow hero vs fast heroes who got a boot while you didn't?

See the problem? one solution gives an equal playing field to both the other is a dice roll on who gets it first, I prefer the equal playing field, as does most people.
Its 2 different points @Lycan.

The first one is that having them buyable straight out of the gates could cause shakey balance.

The second one is that there are 2 boots available meaning it is no longer a strategy decision to go pick up boots in time. You can always go and pick them up at any time now.

I do believe boots should stay the way they were but with them stacking up to 2 over time with first pair of boots available on the first night.

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