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I don't know if this is already in the works, but it would be so amazing if we got communities in the app. I love the community system a lot and It'd be amazing to have access to them away from my PC.

I am mainly talking about the Blizzard communities, not the in game Horde/Alliance ones.
I just came into the forums to post this and found yours! Yes please! Communities and guild chat on the app!
Yes please. I opened up my phone, went to the "talk bubble" chats section, and was very surprised that there wasn't integration set up already.
Cannot agree with this enough.
I was also surprised it wasn't already in place. :O
Yup add Communities and Voice Chat, please, Blizzard.
Totally agree to this!
Still not sure why this isn't added. Mobile app and desktop app should always coincide once you commit to a mobile app.
Hell I will pay for this
I don't even care about the voice aspect, but I really need the communities to be added to mobile. I can't always be on my laptop, but I still need to be able to communicate.
Completely agree
Sad this still isn't a thing
I want this also!
When will this be a thing?
Would be great to have this working, the communities tool is great especially for organising groups ready for wow classic, but not having access to it all the time does make the management side a bit more awkward.
How is this not implemented from the start? Amateurs??

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